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Humanitarian Radio Broadcasting at the time of the Ukrainian war

International Radio Broadcasting at the time of war in Ukraine

Broadcasting during the War in Ukraine

In connection with the latest tragic events following the incursions of Russian military troops into Ukraine started on February 24, 2022, and subsequent occupation of part of the country’s territory, our stations have added additional news coverage of these events and extended the operating hours at high power into the conflict regions in and around Ukraine.

We hear almost continuous coverage on several Radio and TV stations in Europe, which makes everyone worried about the consequences for European stability.

New high-power broadcasts on 1323 kHz

NEXUS-IBA has increased the power of our broadcast on 1323 kHz Medium Wave to Central and Southern Europe, and we can reach the conflict region and nearby countries (Poland, Romania, Belarus, Western Russia) with a great signal. After measuring the strong signal in central and Northern Europe in January, we started regular programming on this new AM/Medium Wave frequency.

From 19:00-23:00 CET daily on 1323 kHz, we have increased our special news coverage, adding repeats of the most informative and inspirational programs in English to support displaced people and cover the latest events in Ukraine and nearby countries.

NEXUS-IBA and IRRS mission in recent wars and conflicts

As we have done by tradition and during the previous conflict in the former Yugoslavia, Kossovo, Iran, Iraq and Sudan, NEXUS-IBA has contributed to countering disinformation and fake news. We do it in the public interest by airing 24/7 information, feature programs and inspirational Christian programs promoting free access to information and our media channel for those who have something to say.

Our mission is to form a bridge between content and program producers and listeners worldwide, producing and disseminating original content in an entertaining, informative, educational and sometimes provocative way.

A free-speech, balanced, independent, international media network

NEXUS-IBA is the world’s only independent international media network that provides a platform for all sides in every conflict. So no matter your political, religious or ethnic beliefs, you can be sure your voice will be heard. Not only that, it will be heard by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. It’s no wonder NEXUS-IBA is considered the most trusted name in international broadcasting.

Please also check our IPAR (International Public Acces Radio) page for more information.

How to support our broadcasts

At NEXUS-IBA and European Gospel Radio, we need your support and help us extend our coverage during these difficult times for Ukraine, Europe, democracy, and Free Speech!

Please consider donating to NEXUS-IBA because we need your help to continue and extend our broadcasts and allow more news and inspirational broadcasts to air on our stations.

Your emails, comments and reception reports are also welcome and helpful to our program producers.

How to send a reception report

Please send your reception report to: requesting our latest e-QSL card.


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Listening to 1323 kHz from the North of Germany

and more from listeners around Europe:

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information from IRRS and NEXUS-IBA

Important coronavirus (COVID-19) public service information and links to reliable sources

coronavirus COVID-19

These days we’re getting lots of calls, emails and are being contacted by hundreds of listeners from all around the world, especially from far away countries in Africa and Asia, as well as perplexed people from the USA.

NEXUS-IBA, IRRS and our stations are engaged in a public information marathon on the air and streaming to contribute to countering disinformation on COVID-19 and promoting healthy behaviours. We do this is the public interest by airing 24/7 information and feature programs promoting free-flow of information, also on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from many different sources.

PLEASE NOTICE: NEXUS-IBA is not currently staffed and is not able to provide authoritative medical information or individual support on coronavirus (COVID-19), either online, by email or phone. Please contact reliable sources nearest to you, such as medical personnel or your local or national authorities.

We ask you please that you do not call us, do not use our online chat, do not send us personal email and do not use our online forms to request individual support or information on coronavirus.

NEXUS-IBA is providing public information and news on coronavirus daily on Shortwave, AM/Medium Wave to Europe, Asia/Pacific and Middle East and 24/7 to anyone connected to the Internet on our streaming radio channels.

If you wish to receive our programs on our World Radio Service on Shortwave or AM / Medium Wave, please check our online schedules. If may also check our 24/7 live streaming channels in English.

Also check details on our special coronavirus feature programs on our website.

If you have any reliable information to share, you may enter a comment at the bottom of this page.
We reserve the right to use or publish only information that may be useful to the general public.

Reliable sources of information on coronavirus (COVID-19)

For further info on coronavirus (COVID-19) please check reliable sources, such as:

As of March 8, 2020, we are working to provide the best, first-hand and most reliable information through all our Shortwave, AM / Medium Wave and online media channels.
Please expect delays in answering email and reception reports.
Thank you for your understanding and support in these very special moments.

Listeners comments & questions

The following messages are excerpts of listeners questions that are being received daily by NEXUS-IBA, following our extensive public information campaigns on COVID-19 on Shortwave, AM / Medium Wave and 24/7 streaming.

What is covid19? (Tui from Vientiane, Laos)

I heard that there are people who are suffering from Corona are now safe, and we know that there is no cure! (Musa from Tanzania)

if this COVID-19 finds you with HIV 1 could there be the possibility of mutating into another type of virus (Kanada from Uganda)

How many countries so far have locked down due to coronavirus (Kana from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Please do send me a current update of COVID 19 if possible (Amani from Tanzania)

Découverte Monsieur j’ai l’honneur de vous informer qu’après plus d’un mois de recherche, je suis arrivé enfin de trouver un médicament contre la maladie causée par le coronavirus, et j’ai contacté les autorités Algériennes mais malheureusement mon appel n’a pas été pris en considération et n’a pas trouvé d’écoute, j’espère que votre gouvernement prend en sérieux cet appel. Je vous prie monsieur de m’appeler ce que je déclare c’est très important pour l’humanité (Besseghir from Algeria)

Re COVID-91: I want to know the recovery process now in Italy (Amira from Cairo, Egypt)

Thank you so much! what are the serious signs for CORONA virus? (Mukuka from Lusaka, Zambia)

Is COVID 19 here to stay or is just a passing phase (Robinson from Lusaka, Zambia)

How many people are affected by Coronavirus in Kenya? (Shedrack Chororo from Nairobe, Kenya)

Hi, Peter from Kenya.I’ll be interested to follow your live updates (Peter from Nairobi, Kenya)

I need a preparedness action plan, strategies and community approach information to cascade that information to enable the supporters, volunteers, and the community themselves to be safely managed. Community facilitator From Ethiopia. Thanks. (Kassim from Ethiopia)

Yes, I am someone from a new radio station in Zambia. We would like to be part of your network. What are the criteria for joining you? (Alick from Zambia)

How many people in Namibia is infected? (Allen from Windhoek, Namibia)

When will the cure be made? (Uzair from Baki, Somalia)

Shall we have hope of complete treatment in COVID-19 (Odora from Uganda)

What are pre-medicine for COVID? How I can help a person who suffers from covid19? (Kondox from Tanzania)

Hello I have COVID symptoms what should I do (Martin from Nairobi, Kenya)

My question is: how are things in Italy? Are things getting any better? (Daniel from Lusaka, Zambia)

How do COVID 19 droplets spread:- through airborne/physical contact? (Longnus, from Koani, Tanzania)

I would like to know the real number of death by COVID-19 in Italy and the USA . In our Country, it seems the government is hiding something (Didany from Bujumbura, Burundi)

Is coronavirus still in China (Chingy from Lusaka, Zambia)

No questions at this time, I’m just doing what I suggested and staying home. One question maybe. I have food deliveries from one person. I’ve been leaving it on my porch for three days before I touch it is that sufficient (Steve from the United States)

Which countries have faced the highest death figures for COVID 19? (Andrew from Lusaka, Zambia)

Is the COVID-19 modified from the laboratory? (Oldich from Prague, Czechia)

What is the latest on COVID-19 globally? (Aaron from Kitwe, Zambia)

Thank you for the help (Jeremiah, Durban, South Africa)

How many countries have been bust infected by the covid-19 (Aloni from Uganda)

How many Corona virus cases in the US as at April 23 2020? (Ekow from Accra, Ghana)

Is there any country that discover cure or vaccine for COVID 19? (Isack from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Hello,I’m malagasy I want to help people here about corona virus (Finiavana from Ambodirano, Madagascar)

My question is that, is there any country have discovered the vaccine for the problem? and what is going on in the world scientists (Prosper from Inyonga, Tanzania)

What is status of coronavirus in Saulte Marie (Anad from Sault Ste. Marie, Canada)

How many young people are deceased in the United States? (Carmela from Córdoba, Argentina)

With COVID 19, we are looking for an alternate way to have a graduation ceremony. We are not looking for an ongoing broadcast. We are looking into having families be able to tune in to a station and hear the commencement speeches and graduate names being called out. Can you help/advise? (Roberta from The Bronx, United States)

Just want to say let people obey what governments and ministries of health guidelines. People shouldn’t be so sturbone to the extent of abusing leaders like it is in the US. In my country Uganda we blessed with a good and wise president who cares for the nation like one caring to his family and we see victory coming and will over come the virus. Also lastly let people pray asking God to entervene and stop the virus. (Bishop Patrick, from Kampala, Uganda)

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: IRRS Global daily Shortwave broadcasts

February 08, 2023

2020 coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: new global broadcasts on Shortwave, AM Medium Wave and 24/7 live streaming

You may tune to our extensive coverage of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on all current world news and current affairs programs on IRRS Shortwave, Medium Wave and 24/7 streaming.

IRRS-Shortwave special COVID-19 QSL card

IRRS 2020 coronavirus QSL card

You may still request our special electronic QSL by sending your Shortwave or AM / Medium Wave reception reports of our broadcasts to reports (at) nexus (dot) org (see our Coronavirus schedule below or our up-to-date frequency schedule). We usually reply within 24 hrs or less. So stay safe, stay tuned, and keep in touch!

More information on our hourly news coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic are available on our dedicated page:

COVID-19 news and information from NEXUS-IBA

Total COVID-19 cases in the USA and around the world

Global Total
Last update on:




Cases Today

Deaths Today


Affected Countries

Stay Home, Stay safe: Listen to Shortwave during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

During the COVID-19 outbreak, only trust official information sources and credible media outlets. Do not share unverified information.
This is a message from UNESCO.

November 15, 2021: This page has been updated with additional details on COVID-19 live statistics.

October 31, 2021: As we enter the B21 (winter 2021: October 31, 2021-March 27, 2022) broadcasting season, we want to remind our listeners that our regular broadcasts on AM/Medium Wave, Shortwave and streaming carry regular news bulletins and feature programs also on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. Listeners in Europe can now tune to our new frequency of 918 kHz Medium Wave for extended coverage between 19:00-23:00 CET, daily. Please check our updated frequency and program schedules.

August 25, 2020: Latest news updates on Coronavirus are being aired 24/7 on streaming and during our usual schedule on Shortwave to Europe, Africa and Asia / Pacific, as well as on AM/Medium Wave on 594 kHz daily from 7-11 PM local time in Central Europe (19-23 CET).

April 13, 2020 (update): We air COVID-19 PSAs (Public Service Announcements) in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. These messages are produced by UNESCO in Paris and contribute to countering disinformation on COVID-19 and promoting healthy behaviours.

April 12, 2020 (update): It’s Easter Sunday in Milan. We continue our efforts to provide listeners worldwide with global coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic on Shortwave, AM/Medium Wave, and 24/7 live streaming. This evening, Italian opera singer, songwriter, and record producer Andrea Bocelli performed a live Easter concert in the empty Duomo cathedral in Milan to promote a message of love, healing and hope to Italy and the world.

March 26, 2020 (update): While COVID-19 lockdown has now been extended to most countries in Europe and around the world, including Italy and Ireland, where our main offices are located, we are operating all streaming, AM/Medium Wave and Shortwave channels without any interruption. Coronavirus feature programs are being aired regularly, and news bulletins are updated every 30 minutes. In addition, all chat, phone, and support lines are available from operators operating 24/7 on rotation from remote.

March 13, 2020 (update): Italy and our hometown Milan have come to a complete lockdown in an attempt to stop the contagion. However, our live Coronavirus updates continue on Shortwave and 24/7 via streaming. We have now opened this page to listeners comments. Please also email us at if you wish to receive our special QSL card. “We will make it!” it’s our slogan and every Italian’s, while our courageous medical personnel fight 24/7 the virus, and we stay safe, at home, to avoid it spreading and killing our loved ones. So why are other countries in Europe so late in locking down?

March 4, 2020: While most of Northern Italy has come (nearly) to a halt due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, we have extended our daily broadcasts to cover Europe, Asia and Africa with daily news and commentaries on COVID-19 in English.

New IRRS 2020 Coronavirus QSL card


2020 coronavirus pandemic
Stay home, stay safe:
Listen to Shortwave

On the occasion of these global broadcasts, NEXUS-IBA has released a new COVID-19 (Coronavirus) e-QSL card, available electronically for all reception reports.

You may send your reception report for any of our broadcasts to We will gladly acknowledge all verified reception reports with our new electronic QSL. Please notice that we have discontinued our PO Box address in Milan, and reception reports can only be sent by email.

Before requesting our QSL card, please consult our Privacy Policy and learn how we process your data according to the GDPR.

Freedom of expression via IRRS and IPAR

NEXUS-IBA, IRRS (the Italian & Irish Radio Relay Service) and IPAR (Int’l Public Access Radio) regularly feature talk radio programs and discussions about topical issues. In addition, we make available our international media channels to bring any program and opinion across the digital divide to any country worldwide.

Since 1979 NEXUS-IBA has supported free media, free speech, pluralism of information and first-hand news across iron curtains, walls and firewalls that are still popular in many countries.

All programs on our stations are aired unabridged, as-is, without censorship, to any region in the world. Anyone with an important message or first-hand news & information is allowed access to our media without discrimination.

COVID-19 data sources

All COVID-19 data on this website are updated live from the following sources:


Updated statistics on COVID-19 in the world

Sort by confirmed numbers.

Country or RegionCasesDeathsRecovered

War Room pandemic

“War Room Pandemic”, a program produced in the USA by Stephen (Steve) K. Bannon, political advisor, media executive, former investment banker and former White House Chief Strategist, was aired on IRRS-Shortwave, AM/Medium Wave and 24/7 streaming early in 2020.

War Room Pandemic was beamed to Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific effective February 21, 2020, and discontinued on April 19, 2020. The radio program presented the producers’ latest news and personal views on the worldwide effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The opinions expressed in any program aired on any NEXUS-IBA media channels and frequencies do not represent the official views of NEXUS-IBA management, team or its membership.

Support free speech and independent media

We depend on the generosity of dedicated and involved listeners like you.
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Gospel Miracle Time

Gospel Miracle Time

European Gospel Radio presents: Gospel Miracle Time:
a 30 minute inspiring radio program produced by John and Pam Bayliss.

About Gospel Miracle Time radio program

Gospel Miracle Time radio program features music and Christian messages from New Zealand. In his weekly program over European Gospel Radio, John Bayliss brings the message of Jesus Christ, and God’s love for all of us to listeners worldwide on Shortwave, and locally on Medium Wave to Southern and Central Europe.

About John Bayliss

John Bayliss is a self-employed constructor living in New Zealand. With his wife Pam, a grown-up family of two, and two grandchildren, John has been privately financing his short term Christian missions as well as his radio to bring the word of God on radio around the world. During his travels around Asia, ranging from ten days to seven weeks and more than 13 times, John has been a missionary in the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Northern Thailand.

John and Pam suffered the tremendous loss of their daughter, but she was an enormous help in getting John to the mission field to be an Evangelist. John has never been to any Bible School, was trained up on the mission fields by an Evangelist where he was taught how to bring a message that gave listeners faith to receive Christ as Lord, and faith to receive their healing, Many came to accept Christ as their Lord, Many received their miracle of healing from the Lord. These mission fields were John’s own Bible School.

John Bayliss preaching in northern Thailand/Border of Myanmar (Burma)

Taken along the northern Thailand border of Myanmar (Burma), people shown in this picture are refugees out of Myanmar. John Bayliss preached to them, and they prayed for all the sick. It was the first time Christians prayed for them; many came up for prayer before John had even finished preaching. John is not tall, just 5ft. 5 inches or 1.66 m, but these people were very small!


John Bayliss preaching at the Assemblies of God church in the Philippines

John had many street meeting’s with this Pastor with many signs-wonders & healing miracles. Also in his Church, Philippines.


Gospel Miracle Time schedule

Gospel Miracle Time is aired weekly on European Gospel Radio, a service provided by NEXUS-IBA, on 7290 kHz (Shortwave) and simulcasted on 594 kHz (Medium Wave) to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, each Saturday from 20:30-21:00 CET (19:30-20:00 UTC/winter). Outside these targets, listeners may stream live from Internet Radio NEXUS, or listen to All Gospel Radio for random repeats during the week.

European Gospel Radio QSL card

Do you have comments or wish to receive our new e-QSL card? Send us comments on this program and a correct reception report, and we will be glad to send you our new EGR e-QSL card.


European Gospel Radio QSL card

Please send your reception report to and make sure that you mention this or any European Gospel Radio program that you heard on our channels on Shortwave or Medium Wave. Check our schedules for frequency and all details of our daily broadcasts.

DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale): Why not, yet?

Why don't you use DRM on Shortwave?

SW DRM capable 300kWTXDRM is the acronym of Digital Radio Mondiale, a technology intended to offer digital, almost FM quality to Shortwave, Long Wave and Medium Wave (AM) broadcasts. The first official DRM broadcast took place in 2003, in Geneva, Switzerland, at the ITU’s World Radio Conference.

Since then, some stations have modified or acquired new transmitters, run experimental broadcasts, in the hope that receiver manufacturers would have produced low-cost receivers, and listeners would have bought them. Up and until now, not low cost and mass-produced receivers, despite the many announcements made by the DRM consortium, have been made available to consumers worldwide.

Is DRM compatible with existing (analogue) radio receivers?

Unfortunately, DRM is incompatible with ordinary (analogue) Shortwave radios and requires buying new receivers, that are not currently available in mass production, or at a cost that is anywhere close to a conventional, analogue Shortwave receiver. Some DRM receivers require a PC and a special device to listen to DRM signals.

Does NEXUS-IBA have DRM broadcasting capability?

Our transmitters are DRM capable, and we already run preliminary tests with our developed DRM encoders. We are ready to broadcast using DRM at any time, but unfortunately, there are no mass-produced receivers for our listeners to buy at a reasonable price, and – most importantly – there are no listeners to justify a DRM service at present.

We have been following with great interest the development of DRM, and as soon as one of our members send us a request to start DRM broadcasts, we will do it. Currently, we advise them to wait and see until there are low-cost receivers available in mass production and a proved number of listeners using DRM radios in the desired target.

NEXUS-IBA Digital Radio Console

NEXUS-IBA is still very active on conventional Shortwave and Internet streaming because there are listeners out there, and there are regions in the world where analogue Shortwave is still popular, and still listened to. For example, according to what we hear from missionaries in Africa, the Far and Middle East and South America DRM will have a hard time to be popular in those regions for some time (if ever), due to the high cost associated in the conversion of the present Shortwave and Medium Wave receivers and transmitters to DRM capable devices.

DRM is a very promising technology, has several years delay over original plans, and – unfortunately – it is still confined as a technological experiment. Will it be successful, meaning that we will see soon lots of listeners embracing it? Ask the man in the street: unfortunately, marketing efforts to create awareness of this new potential media have not been started yet.

Some large companies are pushing DRM by convincing program producers and broadcasters to start airing in DRM ahead of time, but unless there are mass availability and penetration of receivers on the listeners side, this will remain (as it is still now) a technological experiment, and broadcasters using it to reach their listeners now, are clearly throwing their money out of the window.


Similar “experiments” were run in the past using analogue & digital satellite radio and WorldSpace. Worldspace was founded in 1990 and started broadcasting to Africa in 1999. It was a very promising technology, and service was intended to provide high-fidelity,  satellite radio to Africa and Asia using portable receivers. WorldSpace failed miserably in reaching an audience for different reasons, including the high cost of receivers and subscription that could only be sold to the elite, wealthy listeners in Africa, and not to the masses. Worldspace was marketed initially to listeners in Africa, and confined for years to embassies, consulates and a bunch of rich people on that continent.

300kW NEXUS-IBA DRM Transmitter

Satellite radio

We have seen something similar to DRM today happening for satellite radio in Europe. Back in the late 1990s, some government stations in Europe were fooled into believing that they could save a huge amount of money by switching off their Shortwave operation, and move them to satellite radio. Unfortunately, whoever owned a satellite receiver at home, they used to watch TV, not to listen to satellite radio. Satellite radio is not popular even today. It is not portable and mainly used only as a distribution media for radio relay stations. The advent of internet streaming – de facto – meant that satellite radio is now obsolete technology.

Sirius and XM, now SiriusXM in North America

DRM, Worldspace and Satellite Radio in Europe, Africa and Asia are not what Sirius and XM were in the USA.

Sirius and XM satellite radio, also available in homes and standard on most car radio receivers in the USA, have merged into SiriusXM and is an exciting, most effective and rather inexpensive technology to receive hundreds of channels, including some radio broadcasters from around the world.

Approximately 30 million people have subscribed to SiriusXM in North America according to 2019 data.

Is Europe too much a complicated market for digital rights to allow anything like SiriusXM to become available in the near future?

and … what about DAB?

There is a lot of criticism about switch-off of many AM (Medium Wave) and LW (Long Wave) radio stations in European countries (i.e, by RAI in Italy, Swiss Radio in Switzerland, BBC in the UK, NRK in Norway, France Bleu and France Info in France, public broadcasters in Germany, the Netherlands, in the Nordic countries, etc.). Medium and Long Waves were able to reach where FM or DAB signals do not reach, i.e. at sea, in mountain and in remote areas. In Italy, MW unused frequencies by the state broadcaster RAI were auctioned and are now used by local private broadcasters, which, for the greatest part, mimic private local FM stations, carry all sort of music, without any reliable news bulletins, traffic or weather information.

In November 2015, primer tests on the A5 motorway in NW Italy (from Turin to Aosta) confirmed the problematic reception of DAB due to the presence of tunnels and mountains. Even on motorways running across Paris, tunnels and bridges make DAB reception at least difficult if not impossible, Reception of radio broadcasting signals tunnels require the installation of radiating cables (“leaky-feeders”) along the tunnel ceiling. This approach is costly, and it is not yet clear whether it is feasible and when it can be adopted for DAB radio reception. In case of a switch off of FM radio as it is happening now in some countries, areas along mountain roads and in remote or isolated areas will be left without any broadcast radio signal reception.

DRM in India

Since 2012 the Indian government pushed the adoption of DRM on Medium Wave (AM) and to some limited extent on Shortwave to the exterior. Wide adoption in India is still challenged by the general unavailability of DRM capable receivers and their high cost (as of Oct. 2019 the expected retail cost in India has dropped by 50% and expected to be approximately 60-80 US dollars. Still much more than an ordinary FM radio receiver). The investment on the part of All India Radio (AIR) and the Indian Government in installing a large number of DRM Medium Wave transmitters in the country with the hope of mass availability of low-cost DRM receivers, is confronted by the fact that a larger number of FM transmitters may have allowed listeners to receive the same or better quality of audio at a fraction of the cost of buying a DRM receiver today (which are not available, anyway).

However, the challenge is that Medium Wave (AM) covers over 98% of the population in India using a lower number of transmitters, while only 37% of listeners can currently receive an FM radio signal. At the time of editing this post, a search on for DRM receivers produced no available products. The DRM consortium web site lists a minimal number of DRM capable receivers, although not generally available for purchase.

We wish DRM could have the same success in India and worldwide like SiriusXM in the USA, maybe, sometime in the future. However, DRM is very late into general acceptance by radio receiver manufacturers both on AM and Shortwave and limited by general adoption by broadcasters and listeners worldwide.