Radio and TV

Way back in 1979, a few idealistic visionaries laid the groundwork for what was to become NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association. The idea was to seize the opportunity of the newly-emerging concept of free radio in Europe, and in Italy in particular. Under the name Globe Radio Milan, they were among the first to put a private FM station on the air in the northern Italian metropolitan city of Milan. And in 1988, a powerful shortwave outlet – IRRS-Shortwave (the Italian Radio Relay Service) – was added to give NEXUS-IBA an international radio voice. In 1994, Internet services were added, with NEXUS-IBA becoming Europe’s first website to offer – as of 1995 – streaming audio and. later, also video streaming services.

Since 1988, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association has been chartered as a strictly non-profit, all-volunteer association by Italian law. The purpose and focus of the original pioneering idea have not changed, i.e. making Shortwave, AM/Medium Wave, TV and Internet broadcasting facilities available to our members and, occasionally, to a small number of commercial clients at the lowest possible cost.

Our dedication to the concept of free expression has also remained unchanged since 1979, with a policy of non-interference in content, except in cases where it may clearly violate Italian or other legislation. As a result, our programming is quite diverse, and includes everything from disc jockey shows to religion, philosophy, culture, science and technology, and even old radio drama.

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association is a coalition of broadcasters and independent programme producers, and enjoys official status as a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).