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Italy: +39 02 266 6971 | UK: 020 3529 6775 | USA: 888-612-0039

AM radio (Medium Wave) broadcasting via NEXUS-IBA

Since the beginning of 2011, we have been broadcasting on several frequencies on  AM Radio in Europe. AM Radio is called Medium Wave (MW) in Europe. Today we broadcast  daily on 846 kHz from 7PM (or 19:00 CET, Central European Time) until 2AM and in the morning from 6 AM until 8 AM local time in Central Europe, covering the North East of Italy (Venice, Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Bologna and vicinity, with population of ca. 3 million listeners).

The change to 846 kHz has been proved very effective in reaching DXers (long-distance listeners) in Northern Europe, as far as the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway during darkness.

European Gospel Radio, IRRS and NEXUS-IBA broadcast daily on all of these AM / Medium Wave, with a mix of news, information, feature and Christian programs, primarily in English. Other European languages such as German, French and Italian are used for short programs between 7 PM and 8 PM on certain days. All programs are also carried via audio streaming on the main Internet Radio Nexus (IRN) stream.

All broadcasts on AM / Medium Wave on the frequency of 846 kHz can also be heard in the border countries of Slovenia. Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, southern Germany and eastern part of France, during evening and night. Listeners’ letters on 846 kHz have been received also from Spain, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. The total potential coverage is approximately 143 million people, of whom ca. 68 million speak English as a first or second language. Nighttime coverage is approximately within the darker zone in the coverage map below, including the lighter area close to the transmitter). Daytime coverage is also available for programs in Italian (in the smaller, lighter circle in the coverage map).

NEXUS-IBA European Gospel Radio AM Medium Wave 846 kHz

Coverage area of 846 kHz AM / Medium Wave. The dark area shows the evening and night coverage.

Over this new voice in Europe, we are repeating some programs being broadcast on European Gospel Radio, IPAR (International Public Access Radio) and IRRS-Shortwave on Shortwave, in addition to music, news and information in English.

All programs on our AM/Medium Wave network are 95% in English. It’s a great opportunity to make us heard in the centre of Rome, just a few blocks from the Vatican, and in the large tourist and business areas in the North-Eastern part of Italy and Central/Southern Europe.

Stay tuned!