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2020 coronavirus pandemic: new global broadcasts on Shortwave, AM Medium Wave and 24/7 live streaming

IRRS 2020 coronavirus QSL card

PLEASE NOTICE: War Room Pandemic has been discontinued on all NEXUS-IBA / IRRS frequencies, effective April 20, 2020.
You may tune to our extensive coverage of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on all current world news and current affairs programs on IRRS Shortwave, Medium Wave and 24/7 streaming.

March 4, 2020: While most of Northern Italy has come (nearly) to a halt due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, we have extended our daily broadcasts to cover Europe, Asia and Africa with daily news and commentaries on COVID-19 in English.

March 13, 2020 (update): Italy and our hometown Milano have come to a complete lockdown, in an attempt to stop the contagion. However, our live coronavirus updates continue on Shortwave and 24/7 via streaming. We have now opened this page to listeners comments. Please also email us at if you wish to receive our special QSL card. “We will make it!”, it’s our slogan and every Italian’s, while our courageous medical personnel fight 24/7 the virus and we stay safe, at home, to avoid it to spread and kill our loved ones. Why are other countries in Europe so late in locking down?

March 26, 2020 (update): While COVID-19 lockdown has now been extended to most countries in Europe and around the world, including Italy and Ireland where our main offices are located, we are operating all streaming, AM/Medium Wave and Shortwave channels without any interruption. Coronavirus feature programs are being aired regularly and news bulletins updated every 30 minutes. All chat, phone and support lines are available from operators operating 24/7 on rotation from remote.

April 12, 2020 (update): It’s Easter Sunday in Milan, and we continue our efforts in providing listeners worldwide with a global coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic on Shortwave, AM/Medium Wave and 24/7 live streaming. This evening, Italian opera singer, songwriter, and record producer Andrea Bocelli performed a live Easter concert in the empty Duomo cathedral in Milan to promote a message of love, healing and hope to Italy and the world.

April 13, 2020 (update): We are airing COVID-19 PSAs (Public Service Announcements) in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. These messages are produced by UNESCO in Paris and contribute to countering disinformation on COVID-19 and promoting healthy behaviours.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, only trust official information sources and credible media outlets. Do not share unverified information.
This is a message from UNESCO.

You may still request our special electronic QSL by sending your Shortwave or AM / Medium Wave reception reports of our broadcasts to reports (at) nexus (dot) org (see our coronavirus schedule below or our up-to-date frequency schedule). We usually reply within 24 hrs or less. Stay safe, stay tuned, and keep in touch!

War Room pandemic

“War Room Pandemic”, a program produced in the USA by Stephen (Steve) K. Bannon, political advisor, media executive, former investment banker and former White House Chief Strategist was aired on IRRS-Shortwave, AM/Medium WAve and 24/7 streaming from Feb. 21 until April 19, 2020.

War Room Pandemic presented the latest news and opinions on the effects of the coronavirus around the world.

New IRRS 2020 coronavirus QSL card


2020 coronavirus pandemic
Stay home, stay safe:
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On the occasion of these global broadcasts NEXUS-IBA has released a new COVID-19 (coronavirus) e-QSL card, available electronically for all reception reports.

You may send your reception report for any of our broadcasts to We will gladly acknowledge all verified reception reports with our new electronic QSL.

Please notice that we have discontinued our PO Box address in Milano, and reception reports can only be sent by email.

Before requesting our QSL card, please consult our Privacy Policy and learn how we process your personal data according to the GDPR.

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  1. Timothy Trimble

    Please keep the heat on the WHO and Tedro.
    TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus continues to praise Communist China’s handling of the Wuhan virus even as infections and deaths skyrocket, so a Hong Kong illustrator has responded with a cartoon mocking the Ethiopian leader’s blind faith in Beijing

  2. JDP

    Mr Bannon and team. Love your show, it is the best one around and I’m constantly looking for great shows on this topic. One thing I would say is the Italian journalist guest was quite interesting and articulate. I do agree with her regarding the seriousness and the USA needs to heed these warnings. But I live in Italy, in Tuscany and we are actually feeling hopeful that the new cases were 6600 Saturday, 5600 Sunday and 4700 today. We are seeing the impact of the quarantine. Many new cases now today are family members of people diagnosed last week. So this thing will burn out as it goes through family units. Of course the situation is dire but we have seen the growth rate of new cases plateau and we are hopeful of the future. There are no bread lines here, all the food you want is on the shelf every morning. True you may have to wait longer to go inside as they are spacing out people. But this is not WW2. Wow, this is nothing compared to that. We’ve got this! Everyone here is taking it seriously and we will overcome this. I just hope when things open back up, whether in month or 6 weeks that they then do widescale testing of anyone with a small cough. To root it out and isolate it and then the virus really will be contained. The governor of Tuscany just yesterday said he’d purchased 1 million tests and has 4 labs geared up, so I hope this is the next step. Thank you again! That is just my view of it. Things are horrible and this is a crisis I”ve never seen in my 46 years, but we will make it and I think the quarantines are starting to flatten the curve.

  3. kari

    Would like to hear you talk about what S. Korea did right. They seem to have gained some control over the virus. Why and how?

    Also would like an explanation regarding why the US has failed at getting the tests out. What happened? We have heard we should have had them and we didn’t, now we do…but WHAT actually happened? Where was the breakdown?

  4. Marler Spence

    Chinese workers across the huge manufacturing sector in Guangdong Province between Shenzhen and Guangzhou are back to work being told that the danger from covid-19 is over.

    I am in direct telephone contact with a trading company owner in Southern China, Guangdong Province, that is part of the world’s largest manufacturing sector including the cities of Shenzhen, Dongguan Huizhou and province capital, Guangzhou. Although this area is about 1000 km (600 miles) south of Wuhan the virus has not had time to spread as fast as in Wuhan because the factories have been closed for a month. They are now reopened. I can report accurately on this area because from 2006 to 2018 I lived in neighboring Hainan Province and spent a lot of time in Guangdong Province.

    In China factories do not ship their products directly. Marketing and shipping is handled by a trading company. I am in close contact with a small trading company owner who represents one factory. This company ships several 40-foot containers weekly. He and his company employees and the factory workers are glad to be back in business.

    Is it too early to reopen in this very densely populated area? Will it lead to another wave Covid-19 spreading beyond control. Is policy being dictated by economic considerations above public safety? These are hard choices for China and every country in the world.

    Many experts are predicting that the virus will eventually burn through world populations taking with it 1%, 2%, 3%–(Who knows what percentage) of the population with it. These are huge numbers. One percent of the world’s population is almost 80 million.

    How did we get in this mess?

    • Kevin Wilson

      Steve Bannon… please look into this; article from Nature magazine in 2015…

      “In an article published in Nature Medicine1 on 9 November, scientists investigated a virus called SHC014, which is found in horseshoe bats in China. The researchers created a chimaeric virus, made up of a surface protein of SHC014 and the backbone of a SARS virus that had been adapted to grow in mice and to mimic human disease. The chimaera infected human airway cells — proving that the surface protein of SHC014 has the necessary structure to bind to a key receptor on the cells and to infect them. ”


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