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NEXUS-IBA shortwave radio service

Shortwave International radio

When and where there is no Internet, Shortwave reaches everywhere

There are many opportunities to reach large, international audiences, especially on the Internet. However, there are still huge areas in the world not covered by Internet, FM or AM (Medium Wave) radio and TV. Placing programs on just one of these media will restrict your audience. In today’ situation of very fragmented media – whether you represent a large or small organisation, either secular or religious – you should have a media strategy driven by your objective that encompasses more than one platform.

Have a program, a message to air, but no radio station?

Most NEXUS-IBA members are small and large broadcasting organisations or small program producers with no broadcasting facilities of their own. As it is often the case, they rely in all or part, on NEXUS-IBA for strategical know-how and consulting on how to increase the effectiveness of their media distribution, i.e. on how to reach their international audience most reliably and cost-effectively. NEXUS-IBA provides a global outreach platform for any possible content (audio, video, text), managed to distribute such content via several international media outlets (radio & TV stations, satellite, cloud facilities, social media, etc.). We can enable any secular or religious organisation to reach most English-speaking regions in the world or any particular non-English speaking target area cost-effectively.

Shortwave is cost-effective and covers entire continents

Shortwave radio is one of the preferred and most cost-effective ways to reach audiences of several million users, especially in remote and developing areas where other media, such as the Internet, are not so widespread. Recent additions of 50, 100 and 300 kW transmitters in our capabilities enable us to efficiently reach any region in the world, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas using directional antennas, on any frequency and at any time of day or night.

Shortwave reaches everywhere

Shortwave reaches any remote place and conflict area in the world

Bridging the Digital Divide

Shortwave radio remains one of the key electronic media for reaching the maximum number of potential listeners in the world.  This is proved by the fact that the world’s most prominent international broadcast organisations continue their activities via Shortwave, and invest in studio and transmission facilities. In recent history, the Gulf War, conflicts in Africa, the problematic situation in North Korea and other regions of the world,  demonstrated once again and most impressively how vital a telecommunications tool shortwave is in reaching a vast audience. Listeners can use inexpensive receivers that can be put in a suitcase or pocket. Shortwave is everywhere.  It is the world’s most mobile medium.

Local radio is expensive and reaches just one market at home

Standard AM and FM stations lose their power as their signals dissipate along the ground over long distances. In shortwave, the opposite is true. The Earth is encased in an invisible covering of gases called the Ionosphere, that acts as a mirror, reflecting shortwave signals back to Earth, thus making it possible to cover vast distances with a single transmitter. This is why shortwave is so efficient and cost-effective. In the case of IRRS-Shortwave, this means you can cover Europe, Africa or Asia and the world for the same or less money than it would cost to reach just one local market at home.

Are you a pirate, illegal or clandestine broadcaster?

NEXUS-IBA and IRS have helped many illegal broadcasters to become legal program producers, and broadcast on licenced media. While we do not support pirate or illicit broadcasting, we operate from licenced stations that can cover any part of the world.

If you have a message to spread across borders, Shortwave is the practical solution to reach targets that may be inaccessible via the Internet due to local government censorship, or just because the desired targets may be so remote and isolated that no other media (including local FM, TV and  Internet) are available.

You can read more about our Shortwave and International Broadcasting also on Milano Ventures web site.

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