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International Radio Broadcasting at the time of war in Ukraine

Broadcasting during the War in Ukraine

In connection with the latest tragic events following the incursions of Russian military troops into Ukraine started on February 24, 2022, and subsequent occupation of part of the country’s territory, our stations have added additional news coverage of these events and extended the operating hours at high power into the conflict regions in and around Ukraine.

We hear almost continuous coverage on several Radio and TV stations in Europe, which makes everyone worried about the consequences for European stability.

New high-power broadcasts on 1323 kHz

NEXUS-IBA has increased the power of our broadcast on 1323 kHz Medium Wave to Central and Southern Europe, and we can reach the conflict region and nearby countries (Poland, Romania, Belarus, Western Russia) with a great signal. After measuring the strong signal in central and Northern Europe in January, we started regular programming on this new AM/Medium Wave frequency.

From 19:00-23:00 CET daily on 1323 kHz, we have increased our special news coverage, adding repeats of the most informative and inspirational programs in English to support displaced people and cover the latest events in Ukraine and nearby countries.

NEXUS-IBA and IRRS mission in recent wars and conflicts

As we have done by tradition and during the previous conflict in the former Yugoslavia, Kossovo, Iran, Iraq and Sudan, NEXUS-IBA has contributed to countering disinformation and fake news. We do it in the public interest by airing 24/7 information, feature programs and inspirational Christian programs promoting free access to information and our media channel for those who have something to say.

Our mission is to form a bridge between content and program producers and listeners worldwide, producing and disseminating original content in an entertaining, informative, educational and sometimes provocative way.

A free-speech, balanced, independent, international media network

NEXUS-IBA is the world’s only independent international media network that provides a platform for all sides in every conflict. So no matter your political, religious or ethnic beliefs, you can be sure your voice will be heard. Not only that, it will be heard by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. It’s no wonder NEXUS-IBA is considered the most trusted name in international broadcasting.

Please also check our IPAR (International Public Acces Radio) page for more information.

How to support our broadcasts

At NEXUS-IBA and European Gospel Radio, we need your support and help us extend our coverage during these difficult times for Ukraine, Europe, democracy, and Free Speech!

Please consider donating to NEXUS-IBA because we need your help to continue and extend our broadcasts and allow more news and inspirational broadcasts to air on our stations.

Your emails, comments and reception reports are also welcome and helpful to our program producers.

How to send a reception report

Please fill in our online e-QSL request or send your reception report to:

Feel free to comment on this page if you have reliable information to share.
Please note, we will not publish content that is irrelevant, abusive, or disrespectful.

Listening to 1323 kHz from the North of Germany

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