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How to become a member of NEXUS-IBA

According to our charter, Membership in the Association is denominated in the categories of:

  • Founding Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Sustaining Member
  • Ordinary Members
  • Associate Members

Founding Members are those party to the founding charter, or so designated at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Sustaining (passive) Members are those who, while not actively engaged in Association activities, share or sympathize with the aims of the Association, and financially support it through significant annual contributions.
Regular Members are those whose activities are compatible with those of the Association and make regular use of Association transmission facilities more than four hours per week.
Associate Members are those persons or organisations who are neither Founding, nor Sustaining, nor Honorary, nor Regular Members. This category includes all those individuals or organizations who are in some way allied or sympathetic to the aims or activities of the Association or may in some other way be deemed beneficial to the Association.

If you wish to apply for membership with NEXUS-IBA, please email to requesting a membership application form. Please include information on yourself or your organisation detailing any of the relevant activities as mentioned above.

More info

NEXUS-IBA is a non-profit association founded in 1990. We aim to provide all necessary means at our disposal for the effective dissemination of content on radio, the Internet and any media in general. Membership with NEXUS-IBA includes prestigious organisations, as well as several other smaller organisations and radio program producers.


Today the association is re-focusing as a technology mediator or facilitator, to enable our members and end-users to make full use of the recent developments in technology, cloud and media, including broadcasting and the Internet.

To fulfil its aims, NEXUS-IBA also offers networking and consulting services to medium and large organisations as an International Internet Service Provider, and has been in training programs aimed to teachers and parents on the role of emerging technologies. People working for NEXUS-IBA are professionals, teachers, University professors and researchers, journalists, students and engineers, some of them devoting their spare time and resources as a public service to the global community. On June 15, 1995, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association was officially approved for association with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations, and for the last 20 years has been actively working in promoting the work and activities of both UN and UNESCO.

WorldDirector CDN and Global Cloud technology

In 1995 NEXUS-IBA R&D Lab in Milano created the first ever Content Delivery Network (CDN) called “WorldDirector”, based on Autonomous Servers in Europe and the USA. Several Internet-related applications and one of the first streaming audio service have been delivering multimedia audio and video from our members to end users, fast and reliably ever since.

Early in 1990, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association was officially chartered as a strictly non-profit organisation by Italian law. This means that all of our financial resources are channelled directly into maintaining and developing our technical facilities and consulting infrastructure. This assures NEXUS-IBA’s members and non-members alike the very lowest service rates possible.

NEXUS-IBA is and NGO affiliated with the UN/DPI

On June 15, 1995, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association was officially approved for association with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations (UN/DPI). This formal act recognises the vital role of our nonprofit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and the efforts of our members and volunteers in providing firsthand information and media services on the activities of the United Nations and UNESCO to millions of people around the world.

NEXUS-IBA’s primary aims are to provide all necessary means at our disposal for the dissemination of cultural, ethnic, political, and religious material on behalf of members and non-members of the association:

“In this respect, radio is to be the primary medium, locally, nationally, and internationally, although other forms of mass media may also be used. Pluralism of information is to be assured, with particular attention paid to minorities; above all ethnic, cultural, political, and religious minorities, without regard to race, sex, language, or political or religious beliefs, and in full accordance with the Human Rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Italy and by International Law” (quoted from NEXUS-IBA’s Charter).

NEXUS-IBA has been active in Milan, Italy, with a local English-speaking FM station until September 1998 (IRRS-Globe Radio Milan, FM 88.8 MHz). As of today, NEXUS-IBA operates IRRS-Shortwave (the Italian Radio Relay Service), a Shortwave broadcasting station covering the world with transmitters from 50 to 300 kW and directional antennas.

As a strictly non-profit organisation, all revenues above rents, communication, maintenance and operational costs go back into the Association to guarantee the maximum efficiency and the lowest possible service rates. It is only with this strong dedication, high professionalism, and very efficient structure that we have been able to survive over the years, and can expand in sectors like Internet, education and new media where our competence is now needed most.

Since 1990 NEXUS-IBA has been based in Italy, and since 2016 it opened offices in Dublin, Ireland. NEXUS is truly international in its scope and philosophy. In fact, current content delivered via our media services is in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and, for just a small percentage, Italian. Members and volunteers belong to several European and non-European countries, especially from the USA. The NEXUS-IBA Executive Committee that supervises all operations from Milan, Italy, exercises no censorship or control on the contents being relayed via the association’s media and intervenes only in cases where there might be a clear conflict with or violation of the law.