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The Role of International Broadcasting

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The Digital Divide, Media Censorship, and the Role of International Broadcasting

In the rapidly evolving landscape of global communication, the democratizing promise of technology stands juxtaposed against the challenges of the digital divide and media censorship. Regions impacted by war, such as Ukraine, experience severe disruptions in telecommunication mediums.

At the same time, many countries in Africa and Asia grapple with self-imposed information blackouts due to government censorship. Despite these challenges, international broadcasting, incredibly resilient mediums like shortwave radio, emerges as a beacon of hope, piercing through these barriers and ensuring the flow of unbiased information.

Disruptions Caused by War: The Case of Ukraine

Amidst the turmoil of conflict, maintaining a steady communication infrastructure can be arduous. During Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, telecommunication towers were targeted, disrupting mobile phone services and the Internet.

Broadcasting stations became battlegrounds, with both sides aiming to control the narrative. Television and radio stations were bombed, making reliable information scarce. Yet, in these situations, international broadcasts, whether through shortwave radio or satellite feeds, provide an alternative news source, bringing in external and often more neutral viewpoints.

Digital Divide in Africa and Asia

The disparities in access to digital technology are starkly visible in many parts of Africa and Asia. Countries like Chad in Africa and Afghanistan in Asia exemplify the digital divide, where internet penetration remains staggeringly low.

Factors such as underdeveloped infrastructure, high costs, and limited digital literacy compound the issue. Traditional mediums like radio still hold significant sway in these regions, making them prime channels for international broadcasters to reach local populations.

Government Censorship and the Iron Curtains of Information

Certain nations in Africa and Asia have erected formidable ‘information iron curtains’.

For instance, North Korea maintains an almost complete blackout on foreign news, with stringent penalties for those caught accessing external sources.

Similarly, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, often dubbed ‘Africa’s North Korea’, impose heavy censorship on media and Internet use. In these scenarios, the role of international broadcasting becomes even more crucial.

Due to its unique ability to cross borders without local intermediaries or infrastructure, shortwave radio has become a potent tool.

NEXUS-IBA, the BBC World Service, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, Radio France International and Radio Free Asia have historically utilized shortwave broadcasts to reach audiences in such restricted regions, ensuring that the flame of free information continues to burn.

There are many challenges to free information flow, from war-torn landscapes to government-imposed blackouts. Yet, the resilience of international broadcasting, especially mediums like shortwave radio, proves that the quest for unbiased information and connection remains unyielding, irrespective of the barriers in place.

Ukraine: Donate to Humanitarian Radio Broadcasting

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Donate to International Radio Broadcasting to the Ukraine

NEXUS-IBA needs your help and support. Donate to Humanitarian Radio broadcasting in Ukraine and all war zones.
Support us to increase our international broadcasting coverage of Ukraine and conflict zones worldwide.

To keep up with the ever-increasingly tragic events unfolding in Ukraine, we have extended our news coverage of the invasion and occupation of parts of the country. As a result, we have added extra hours to broadcast high power signals to areas affected by the conflict in Ukraine to inform as many people as possible.

Support fair and balanced news coverage of conflict zones in Ukraine

Thousands of people in Ukraine have been forced to take refuge in basements (March 2022) or are trying to flee the country. It is now more important than ever to inform, educate and inspire listeners with Free Speech, balanced and independent news coverage, as well as provide inspiration and compassion to those under siege or heavy bombardments.

The current war severely affected media inside Ukraine and Russia, information either censored or limited by damages to the telecom and press infrastructures. For example, we are now hearing that foreign media like the BBC or CNN,  and YouTube have been blocked in Russia. In addition, there are limits to the public from accessing information online.

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We need your help to make these vital programs available via International AM or Medium Wave Radio, on Shortwave in the conflict zones – and to anyone worldwide via streaming  – so that more people have access to a truly independent source of journalism.

Become a financial supporter now and help NEXUS-IBA defend the truth in highly hostile environments, reach millions of people with timely and trusted news from the region, and grow our broadcast and digital coverage of the stories that matter most. Every Euro and Dollar you give helps us deliver accurate and objective news into Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

How you can support us

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With your donation today, you help us raise the power of our transmitter to enlarge our day and nighttime coverage of conflict zones and the length of our current broadcast. Your financial donation also helps us provide airtime to those with a message but no financial resources to cover the cost of airtime in reaching their target audience with news, feature programs, and inspirational Christian programs.

Donating to NEXUS-IBA helps keep our international radio broadcasting project alive and sustainable. By donating to our international media organisation, you’ll help support the delivery and availability of all of our programs now and in the future. In addition, whichever you choose, your contributions will be used to create independent and engaging global radio coverage.

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Our mission in international broadcasting

Too often in today’s media, Europe is forgotten, yet Europe is facing challenging times and many threats. NEXUS-IBA makes it our mission to speak out for democracy and its pillars of Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, and freedom of religion. But this doesn’t mean we ignore what is happening elsewhere in the world – the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Besides providing balanced and independent news coverage, we deliver inspirational Christian programs across the world via European Gospel Radio.

NEXUS-IBA is your ONLY choice that is truly FREE and unbiased, without political interference from governments or foreign broadcast organisations. We are not funded by any government or supported by any large NGO.

A free-speech, balanced, independent, international media network

We are a free-speech, balanced, independent, global media network. It is not always easy to be free and independent. That is why we rely on contributions from people like you, who care about impartial information that can transform lives.

Please also check our IPAR (International Public Acces Radio) and European Gospel Radio pages for more information.

New high-power broadcasts on 1323 kHz

NEXUS-IBA and European Gospel Radio are broadcasting all of their programs to the 64 million people of Ukraine, and we need your support to continue

NEXUS-IBA (the parent non-profit organisation of European Gospel Radio) is a non-commercial, non-profit organisation that strives to give a voice to the voiceless in Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia and beyond.

In addition to our daily broadcasts on 7290 kHz (Shortwave) from 19:00-20:00 Central European Time (one hour later in Ukraine), a high-power transmitter on 1323 kHz has been switched on better coverage of Ukraine and nearby conflict areas.

NEXUS-IBA, IPAR and European Gospel Radio have increased our coverage, adding news from independent sources, repeating the most informative and inspirational programs in English to support displaced people, and covering the latest events in Ukraine and nearby countries.

Our 24/7 streaming service is also expanding with additional news and programmes in English (the first most common language on our broadcasts due to high demand) to cover the latest events in Ukraine and nearby countries, with a greater focus coming soon on the impact that this conflict is having on the European and world economy and stability.

When you donate to NEXUS-IBA, you donate to an Italian non-profit organisation that is committed to bring fair and balanced news, inspirational and humanitarian radio programs into Ukraine, to any war affected area and to the rest of the world.
You are not donating directly to support the Ukrainian war, ukrainian people, food or relief supplies in Ukraine.

Donate now to support free media to Ukraine!

Thank you for considering making a donation to NEXUS-IBA. Contributions are not tax-deductible in the US, but they allow us to continue bringing you independent, unbiased news from around the world.


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Humanitarian Radio Broadcasting at the time of the Ukrainian war

International Radio Broadcasting at the time of war in Ukraine

Broadcasting during the War in Ukraine

In connection with the latest tragic events following the incursions of Russian military troops into Ukraine started on February 24, 2022, and subsequent occupation of part of the country’s territory, our stations have added additional news coverage of these events and extended the operating hours at high power into the conflict regions in and around Ukraine.

We hear almost continuous coverage on several Radio and TV stations in Europe, which makes everyone worried about the consequences for European stability.

New high-power broadcasts on 1323 kHz

NEXUS-IBA has increased the power of our broadcast on 1323 kHz Medium Wave to Central and Southern Europe, and we can reach the conflict region and nearby countries (Poland, Romania, Belarus, Western Russia) with a great signal. After measuring the strong signal in central and Northern Europe in January, we started regular programming on this new AM/Medium Wave frequency.

From 19:00-23:00 CET daily on 1323 kHz, we have increased our special news coverage, adding repeats of the most informative and inspirational programs in English to support displaced people and cover the latest events in Ukraine and nearby countries.

NEXUS-IBA and IRRS mission in recent wars and conflicts

As we have done by tradition and during the previous conflict in the former Yugoslavia, Kossovo, Iran, Iraq and Sudan, NEXUS-IBA has contributed to countering disinformation and fake news. We do it in the public interest by airing 24/7 information, feature programs and inspirational Christian programs promoting free access to information and our media channel for those who have something to say.

Our mission is to form a bridge between content and program producers and listeners worldwide, producing and disseminating original content in an entertaining, informative, educational and sometimes provocative way.

A free-speech, balanced, independent, international media network

NEXUS-IBA is the world’s only independent international media network that provides a platform for all sides in every conflict. So no matter your political, religious or ethnic beliefs, you can be sure your voice will be heard. Not only that, it will be heard by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. It’s no wonder NEXUS-IBA is considered the most trusted name in international broadcasting.

Please also check our IPAR (International Public Acces Radio) page for more information.

How to support our broadcasts

At NEXUS-IBA and European Gospel Radio, we need your support and help us extend our coverage during these difficult times for Ukraine, Europe, democracy, and Free Speech!

Please consider donating to NEXUS-IBA because we need your help to continue and extend our broadcasts and allow more news and inspirational broadcasts to air on our stations.

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Listening to 1323 kHz from the North of Germany

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