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European Gospel Radio (EGR)

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Preach the Gospel on EGR: Worldwide Christian Radio Ministry outreach

European Gospel Radio (EGR) is a non-denominational Christian Radio outreaching any country in the world on Shortwave (World Radio), streaming and satellite. EGR has been founded and supported by NEXUS-IBA, a strictly non-profit international organisation, mostly staffed by volunteers and professionals in the field of broadcasting and media in general, based in Milan, Italy. Since 1988 Christian broadcasters from around the world have placed their trust in our International Christian Radio Network to provide a radio link between their radio programs and listeners around the World.

We are the Bibles the world is reading; we are the creeds the world is needing; we are the sermons the world is heeding.
(Evangelist Billy Graham)

Worldwide Christian Broadcasting Network

European Gospel Radio (EGR) is a 24/7 Christian Broadcasting Network and a Premier Christian radio station with international outreach, covering Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific, and the Middle East. We present daily Bible programs, Christian news, and information in English to a dedicated Christian audience all around the world.

Besides English, we also broadcast programs in other regional languages or dialects (i.e., Oromo, Swahili, Amharic, Yoruba, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, German, French, Spanish, etc.) to any country in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

A Premier Christian radio station supporting Evangelism worldwide

European Gospel Radio features uplifting Christian music as well as top Bible verses from the Old and New Testaments to enhance everybody’s Spiritual Life. Praise And Worship are an important part of a believer’s life, and we carry the Bible and the Gospel from and to churches across the globe on Shortwave and on Internet streaming.

Since 1979, we have taken the trust of hundreds of Pastors, Preachers, Religious Networks, Radio Ministries, Radio & TV Evangelists, Christian preachers, Missionary radio stations, very seriously and want to place the best possible broadcast and content media delivery services (i.e. Shortwave, satellite, radio & TV services, radio & TV program archives, live streaming, web applications, etc.) at your disposal.

NEXUS-IBA and our European Gospel Radio ministry give you the benefit of our experience and knowledge of the Shortwave broadcast medium and International audience, which goes back more than a quarter of a century.

European Gospel Radio is a non-denominational religious radio network and is here to help your Christian Mission success in reaching the entire World on Shortwave and via free simulcast Internet radio streaming.

Preach your Bible sermon to Africa, Asia/Pacific, and Europe

There are still many places in the world and millions of displaced people out of reach from any modern communication media, such as FM, AM, TV, satellite, Internet, and even without electricity. For example, the Internet covers only 20% of the population in Africa, and it is not generally available outside of the large metropolitan areas.

However, radio, and in particular Shortwave radio, can reach anywhere, and it is still the most cost-effective media to reach millions of Christians or would-be believers beyond the digital divide in most regions in Africa and remote lands in Asia/Pacific. Shortwave receivers are very cheap, are available as the only connection to the outside world, and can often be purchased in local markets for less than US$ 20.00.

Broadcasting on Shortwave from Europe, using powerful transmitters and highly directional antennas, European Gospel Radio reaches all those people that cannot be otherwise reached from the USA or over the Internet. Even in the most civilised regions of Europe or the USA, Christian organisations can reach niches of faithful listeners that tune into Shortwave radio to find an alternative, first-hand source of news, information, and Christian content in the English language that may not be available elsewhere on local media.

You can read more on our website about the effectiveness of Shortwave radio and how you can use this media for preaching the Bible and distributing your Christina Podcasts, Sermons and Bible lessons to millions around the globe at a fraction of the cost of reaching a single market at home.

Preach God’s Plan of Salvation to the World

European Gospel Radio (EGR) is our Christian outreach to the World, open to any Christian Broadcaster or radio program producer.

All Christian programs aired via IRRS-Shortwave go under the European Gospel Radio station ID and are assigned prime time, granting slots on a priority basis.

We do not only target Europe, but we can also reach any desired target location in Africa, Asia/Pacific, Middle East, and in the Americas.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.

Premier Christian Airtime for your Ministry

Our European broadcasting facilities are just one hop from Africa and the Middle East. Europe is, therefore, an excellent base to hit these targets with maximum signal strength. We know by listening to Shortwave signals from several monitoring stations in Asia & Africa that it is more difficult to achieve good reception from stations located in the USA.

In this way, we hope to fulfill our pledge to help any evangelical and missionary organisation in every way possible to make your mission a success. We offer the following information and advice in this spirit.

Have a Christian Talk Show or Gospel radio program?

We are ready to broadcast your radio program within 24 hours of completing the application process.

Join the growing number of Faith and Christian radio Ministries, Radio & TV stations, Churches from all around the world and Christian program producers that selected European Gospel Radio to re-broadcast their program to a much broader audience than your local market at home, i.e., to the whole of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Pacific.

We stand ready to answer any specific or additional questions you may have. Call or email for additional information on how to join the European Gospel Radio broadcasting system.

Praise and Worship on World Radio

Smaller programmers will appreciate the value for money of the NEXUS-IBA & European Gospel Radio (EGR) system made possible by its non-profit basis.

Larger program institutions should be aware that, even if they operate their facilities on Shortwave, European Gospel Radio reaches a very loyal and high-quality fragment of the Shortwave market that may not make a habit of listening to other stations.

Christian radio airtime on European Gospel Radio can be a great opportunity for you to share your faith with a global audience in Europe, Asia and Africa.

European Gospel Radio helps you promoting your ministry or your local church, spreading the Word of God across nations, globally.

Our listeners have repeatedly expressed appreciation for the unique variety and quality of NEXUS-IBA and European Gospel Radio programs, reflecting our wide range of faith-based programs that we broadcast daily worldwide.

It’s time to expand your Christian Ministry Outreach!

Now you can buy Christian airtime on World Radio for your Church or local station and be part of the change.

Perhaps you have a Christian Radio Bible program, a Christian Radio Sermon, or you are a Bible Preacher who has recorded program material that has already been aired on a local AM or FM station, or for which no time is available on regular outlets. The chances are that this material will find a grateful audience via a Premier Christian Radio via European Gospel Radio in Europe, Africa, Middle East or Asia/Pacific.

Please notice that European Gospel Radio and NEXUS-IBA do not support and ban Hate speech or any form of expressions from our stations. We will not broadcast any program which may spread, incite, promote or justify hatred, violence and discrimination against any person or group of persons.

Broadcast your own Christian program on EGR

European Gospel Radio has no political and no religious affiliation. Our Christian radio Ministry is non-denominational, and we accept any Christian faith or Christian radio program.

European Gospel Radio has a very liberal editorial policy and does not edit or censor material unless in crass violation of official legal guidelines. We always broadcast your own content unabridged, to your own audience worldwide.

With European Gospel Radio you get your message across your desired targets, on-the-air the way you want it heard. You are not at the mercy of a production middleman.

You may contact us for rate information and airtime availability for your target area. To help you better, please let us know: language and frequency of your program (i.e. how many times per week or day), program length, intended target area.

We operate with a wide range of transmitting powers and antennas from 50 kW to 300 kW (300 hundred thousand Watts) to cover any country in the world efficiently.

What is the value of Shortwave?

Shortwave radio remains one of the key electronic media for reaching the maximum number of potential listeners, especially in areas where there is no other mass communication form, such as the Internet or local radio and TV. Such places still exist in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas.

Some of the world’s largest Christian broadcast organisations continue their activities on Shortwave and invest heavily in-studio and transmission facilities and broadcast daily on Shortwave to the most remote regions in Africa, Asia/Pacific, and even Europe the Americas.

In recent history, the Gulf and the Iraq War, or the situation in South Sudan and North Korea, demonstrated once again and most impressively how vital a telecommunications tool Shortwave radio is in reaching a vast audience using inexpensive, but highly powerful modern receivers that can be put in a suitcase or pocket. Shortwave is everywhere.

Still today, Shortwave radio is the world’s most mobile medium. Ironically, it was the propaganda machine of Nazi Germany that recognised Shortwave’s power and perfected its use in the Second World War. Today, Shortwave is also one of the greatest weapons in the fight for morality.

How do I qualify to air on European Gospel Radio / IRRS-Shortwave?

Any Christian (religious) program producer or organisation qualifies to air via European Gospel Radio/IRRS-Shortwave. All of our media services operate on a strictly non-denominational, non-discriminatory basis.

Our charter and mission say:

Pluralism of information is to be assured, with particular attention paid to minorities; above all ethnic, cultural, political, and religious minorities, without regard to race, sex, language, or political or religious beliefs, and in full accordance with the Human Rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Italy and by International Law

An opportunity to reach out to Christians all over the World

As a non-profit, broadcaster-supported organisation, all of our costs are supported by members’ contributions and grants.

We require that each broadcaster on our stations bears the cost of using our broadcasting facilities, according to the time and transmitter powers needed. The non-profit NEXUS-IBA system has cut overhead to the bone, but not at the cost of quality service!

NEXUS-IBA offers free consulting to set-up your broadcast in the most efficient, fast and cost-effective way. NEXUS-IBA services are mostly free of charge, and we will not bill any cost to your organisation for sharing our expertise and consulting. Airtime costs will be billed directly by our commercial partners, with whom we agreed on preferential and bulk airtime rates.

What do I get?

We currently offer slots of airtime on prime time (daytime) on Saturday and Sunday and during prime time in the evening on weekends.

For at least 30 minutes per week, we can schedule any broadcasts, at any time of day or week, beamed to any part of the world, with transmitter powers of 50, 100, 150 or 300 kW (kilo-Watt). Our directional antennas can beam your program to any region of the world. All of our programs originate from or NOC (Network Operating Centre) located in Milan, Italy  – a state-of-the-art facility connected by high-speed optical telecommunication and Internet connections to any part of the world. All of our members’ programs are digitally processed and can be delivered to us using MP3 files via the Internet, or in some cases live via satellite or live Internet feeds.

In most cases, we can save you on live satellite feeds by linking directly to our studio via the Internet, at no extra cost. What you pay in the end is only the broadcast time pro-rated according to the power used, and program length to cover our operating expenses.

Each organisation or individual program producer may reserve up to any amount of airtime per day or week. Airtime availability is subject to a first-come, first-served basis.

What does airtime on European Gospel Radio includes?

  • Broadcast airtime over IRRS-Shortwave to Europe, Africa, Asia&Pacific or the Americas or any other specific country or location as required;
  • Free promos aired at random times during our broadcasts (you will have to provide us with prerecorded promos. Promos can be up to 29 seconds in length, in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian or Russian);
  • Free simulcast on Internet Radio NEXUS (IRN) with our live 24/7 audio streaming service. You may integrate one of our players on your website or link to a player on our site to let your listeners hear your program with their computer, mobile phone or tablet;
  • Free, unlimited, random repeats of your English program on All Gospel Radio, our live 24/7 Christian stream. You may also link our stream or player onto your website (this free service is only available for Christian programs in English);
  • Additionally, you will receive free professional consulting on how to make the best use of Shortwave and internet, so no previous experience is necessary;
  • Exclusive discounts for bulk airtime on 100, 150 and 300 kW Shortwave for more than one hour per week;
  • Special rates and services for cloud/hosting your Web pages and other audio and video streaming services;
  • Free use of a convenient (easy to spell) mailbox or email forwarding with an address that can be easily  understood over-the-air  (i.e., my_radio_mission (at);
  • A Toll-Free or local US phone number or a phone number in most countries in the world that can be used to deliver program information, streaming audio or be diverted to your phone number (nominal costs apply);
  • Free or repeat broadcasts on AM / Medium Waves are available as promos from time to time, for every paid slot on Shortwave.

When you join NEXUS-IBA, we offer you TOTAL COUNSELING. We want to help you make your broadcasting mission a success. Whatever your programming, NEXUS-IBA will help you reach the right audience at the right time. If desired, this free counselling includes editorial and technical assistance, custom-tailored to your individual needs.

Please notice: As a strictly non-profit organisation, NEXUS-IBA and European Gospel Radio will not sell or re-sell services or charge any fee. Billing of airtime will be through our prefered partners with whom we co-operate and have access to bulk discounts for our program producers.

How much does it cost?

Airtime via European Gospel Radio is available at a nominal fee for every broadcast hour, depending on its power. NEXUS-IBA will not charge you directly for airtime, but our preferred commercial partner does all billing, and our consulting services are free of charge. Contact us for more details.

How should I send any program material?

We recommend that you encode any audio files in MP3, and upload them to one of our servers. We will set up an account, and you will be provided with a dedicated account and instructions to upload your ready-to-air program material in the MP3 format. This will be the fastest, cheapest and more efficient way to send us any program to air.

Can I use other media to record my audio programs?

We also accept feeds via satellite, phone or other media, for live or delay broadcasts. Additional costs may apply if the process cannot be reasonably automated without human intervention.

Check also our FAQ page for additional information on our services.

What are European Gospel Radio target areas?

European Gospel Radio main targets

EGR European coverage

Depending on propagation conditions at the time of broadcasts, fringe reception may also be possible outside of the primary target area. For example, broadcasts to our primary beam Europe and North Africa at 150-300 kW of transmitter power, may also be heard in the near Middle East (i.e. Israel, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey) and, occasionally, are also reported in Asia/Pacific, Australia and North America. Higher power broadcasts at 150 and 300 kW will better reach areas outside of the primary target.

If you are interested in reaching any specific country worldwide, please contact us for additional options, specifying your preferred target area. In most cases, we may custom plan broadcasts to any region of the world and present you with a proposal in just a few days.

How does shortwave work?

Standard AM and FM stations lose their power as their signals dissipate along the ground over long distances. In Shortwave, the opposite is true. The Earth is encased in an invisible covering of gases called the Ionosphere. This acts as a mirror, reflecting shortwave signals to Earth, making it possible to cover vast distances with a single transmitter.

This is why shortwave is so efficient and cost-effective. In the case of European Gospel Radio, this means you can cover any target for the same or less money than it would cost to reach just one local market at home.

Shortwave: The Audience

Shortwave is a lot like advertising: everybody agrees that it works, but it isn’t easy to quantify.

The world’s largest broadcasting organisations are deeply involved in audience research costing huge sums of money. Although relating primarily to political and social factors, there are findings of a general nature of interest to our broadcasters.

Among the most important things: According to the ITU, radio reaches over 95% of virtually every population segment. The potential shortwave audience in Europe alone is estimated to be at least 50 million.  In the developing world, recent data on the proportion of households with a radio show that more than 75 per cent of households have a radio (UNESCO data) in the majority of countries.

Most listeners fall into two groups:

  • middle-aged between 35 and 50; and
  • the young – teenagers and people in their 20s.

Most shortwave listeners are males, but the female listenership is growing. Do you remember the pictures that went around the world during the Gulf War, showing people glued to their Shortwave radios to get the latest news from the outside world? During that crisis, sales of Shortwave receivers skyrocketed leaving dealers with empty shelves. Shortwave once again demonstrated its importance and effectiveness. For all the talk of satellite radio and TV, Shortwave radio remains the most cost-effective electronic mass medium that can instantly span enormous distances and penetrate every home in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific. Also, Shortwave radio is portable and is a companion wherever one goes. It is indeed the world’s most mobile electronic mass medium. Modern Shortwave receivers are ultra-compact, inexpensive, and very easy to use.

I have a radio program available. What should I do to start airing it as soon as possible?

To start airing via NEXUS-IBA, European Gospel Radio and IRRS-Shortwave, please follow the following steps:

  • Please send information on your organisation, its aims and your program by e-mail to and request a membership application form. Also, send sample audio programs or pointers if they are available online.
  • Please include a written request for the desired number of hours on our station. In most cases, we will get back to you within 24 hrs with a proposal, including coverage maps and a tentative quotation from our preferred service provider Milano Ventures Ltd.

The quickest turn-around time for the whole procedure is 24 hours between receipt of all fees and broadcast of the first program.

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