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WorldDirector globally distributed cloud

WorldDirector CDN and global cloud

WorldDirector is NEXUS-IBA’s high tech solution designed at NEXUS-IBA R&D lab during 1994-1995 to provide a globally distributed Internet streaming solution to the early RealAudio beta tests.

WorldDirector technology and its network have been further and continuously enhanced, developed and maintained by NEXUS-IBA and its technology partners, using feedback from its active users.

Why WorldDirector?

WorldDirector provides Content Delivery Network (CDN) and a Globally Distributed cloud solution to any corporate, Government or NGO solution and may be licenced to cloud providers for resale to their clients. It may be used in either public or private clouds, or in a mix of these. It can be used in private datacentres and at a mix of major cloud providers’  (AWS, Google cloud, Microsoft’s Azure) to enhance speed and reliability.

WordDirector also provides automatic Load Balancing across same and globally distributed datacentres and Disaster Recovery, by active duplication of content on multiple AS (Autonomous System), making active nodes in the network always available 100% of the time.

WorldDirector intrinsic configuration can also resist multiple attacks and failures that may affect hardware and software components on the network until at least one of the WorldDirector nodes remains available. With WorldDirector, NEXUS-IBA was able to keep online some services activated since 1995 with 100% uptime, even during attacks, maintenance or catastrophic events that have affected the Internet in the last 20+ years.

Who uses WorldDirector?

WorldDirector is used by NEXUS-IBA and partners to enhance the reliability of any online service (email, apps, hosting, archive, video, audio, etc.) and to speed content from enterprise and nonprofit organisations or ISP data centres to remote clients at the edge of the Internet.

Both commercial and non-commercial organisations enjoy our low rates and the exceptional quality of our Internet and media services worldwide.

How does WorldDirector compare with other solutions?

Other cloud or CDN solutions strongly depend on a single origin node or a router at a single network location or based on a single Autonomous System, that each act as a Single Point of Failure (SPOF). A SPOF is a system that, if it fails, will stop the entire web, application and all online services from working.

WorldDirector also offers a cheaper and less reliable option (passive mode) that is similar to existing solutions based on a single origin or single upstream server, which do not have all the characteristics of WorldDirector active-mode solution.

WorldDirector provides the best quality and highest speed in delivering real-time audio, video, text, graphics and any other content over the Internet, including any application or website (e-commerce, portal, streaming site, etc.).

Since 1994, NEXUS-IBA has been operating as a multi-media international service provider for commercial and non-profit organisations. Today our WorldDirector technology is used by several partners and clients worldwide.

You may read more on the recent developments and characteristics on our partner Milano Ventures‘ website.