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Artist-Label release

Use of music on our stations

International Public Access Radio (IPAR) and European Gospel Radio (EGR) use copyright free or royalty free music on our stations and our streaming channels on the Internet.

If you want us to use your music or songs, you must fill-in, sign and send us an original of our release form for each song or CD that you allow us to use.

We will be glad to air also short promos (up to 30 secs) at no cost for you to promote your artists (promos must be sent separately, and covered by a separate release to allow us to use your promo). You may send us CDs or MP3 files only according to terms specified in our release.

How do I get a copy of your MUSIC/Artist/Label release?

To obtain a copy of our Music/Artist/Label release with detailed instructions, please email at releases (at) nexus (dot) org or request a music release form online.

Again, there is no charge to air your music and promos on our channels, but WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT MUSIC ACCOMPANIED BY OUR RELEASE.

Please notice that to be able to sign our release, you must own all rights to your music or song, and you should not have signed an exclusive agreement with or sold your intellectual rights to a third party.

How to fill and sign our release

  1. WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT MUSIC ACCOMPANIED BY THE OUR RELEASE, originally signed by you or the owner of the intellectual/music rights. Fax (see fax numbers on release form) or scanned by email release forms to our email address: releases (at) nexus (dot) org with an ORIGINAL signature are accepted only (do not print your name in capitals, we need your readable signature at the bottom, please).
  2. You can send one release for each piece of music/song or one release for each disc, CD, download link or ZIP file, otherwise, make sure that you include the title of each song/music in each release form.
  3. ANY music file, CD, disc or download link that you may have sent already without submitting a signed release for it HAS ALREADY BEEN DISCARDED. You MUST send your music again together or after signing a new release that lists explicitly any music that you wish to send us.
  4. Any music, disc, CD or download link without a release mentioning the music that you wish to send us WILL BE DISCARDED.
  5. Please notice that we cannot accept any printed name in place of the signature, but YOUR WRITTEN SIGNATURE must appear in the release that you return to us.

Thank You.

We look forward to being of service!


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