NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association

NEXUS-IBA is a nonprofit, non-denominational Association of International Broadcasters and Program Producers

Shortwave International radio

On Shortwave radio, we cover the world, and we carry your message to any country where other media cannot reach your own audience

AM / Medium Wave radio

Radio is fun! And also informative and entertaining. We carry your own radio program unabridged on AM / Medium Wave, internationally. Evening and night time broadcasts cover continents and many countries with just one broadcast

Satellite radio & TV

NEXUS-IBA helps you reaching any target in the world (Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia & Pacific) on satellite radio and TV

Audio and video streaming

We help you reaching any target with your own streaming radio and TV, live and on demand

European Gospel Radio

We help Christian missions in preaching the Gospel to the World on Shortwave, AM/Medium Wave, Satellite radio, TV, streaming and on the Internet

International Public Access Radio (IPAR)

Have a message to air?  With IPAR (International Public Access Radio) we promote free speech and freedom of information worldwide to anyone on radio, streaming and satellite

HF Frequency management and media consulting

We help organisations reaching out to the digital divide and beyond. We help to coordinate and monitor HF (Shortwave) frequencies, internationally

million English-speaking listeners

Our Mission

Since 1979, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association (NEXUS-IBA) offers broadcasters and individual program producers innovative solutions to reach audiences internationally using radio, TV, audio and video streaming around the world.

Join us and air any program or content from a few minutes per week to a full 24/7 schedule in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian or any other language, targeted to an entire continent or a specific country in the world.

NEXUS-IBA has a non-discriminatory and free access policy to all media, and broadcasts any content, in any language, that is acceptable by European and International law.

International broadcasting

International radio & TV services to Government, NGOs and Christian media producers. Live and on-demand streaming, satellite, AM & Medium Wave, Shortwave worldwide.


European Gospel Radio broadcasts on AM / Medium Wave and Shortwave to the world. Join our growing number of broadcasters who preach the Gospel worldwide!


If you’re an NGO or non-religious organization you can broadcast any program material to anywhere in the world via NEXUS-IBA facilities. Join International International Public Access Radio today!

Build your own station

Become a broadcaster today!  We can build your station, streaming and on the air with your own schedule 24/7!

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association provides objective, first-hand news, and information to the most displaced areas in the world. NEXUS-IBA airs via streaming, satellite, radio & TV. Daily broadcasts can be heard in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, and are relayed on behalf of NEXUS-IBA’s members worldwide.


European Gospel Radio (an initiative promoted by NEXUS-IBA) uses 43 million Watts of power (ERP) to reach remote regions in Africa, Europe, Asia & Pacific, bridging the digital divide, bringing news, cultural programs, and the Gospel. EGR reaches areas where there are no other media, such as local TV or FM stations or the Internet.

EGR Calling Africa

Good News Agency (GNA) bulletins reach thousands of subscribers worldwide via NEXUS-IBA mailing list servers. GNA is associated with the United Nations’ Department of Public Information (UN/DPI), and is a unique source of positive news from the world, promoting ethical and social values.

Good News Agency

United Nations Radio delivers unbiased, first-hand news and information to the most troubled regions in the world. Since the early 1990’s our founders broadcasted UN Radio to Serbia, Kosovo, Iran, Iraq, South Sudan and over the iron curtain.

United Nations Radio


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