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Cloud Internet Services, hosting and CDN

NEXUS-IBA provides high-speed interconnection in Italy (Milan), Germany (Frankfurt), Singapore, and at various locations in the United States. All internet services are rendered from networks directly connected to the main backbones and national Neutral Access Points (NAPs). Additionally, we can manage services, from installation to maintenance, monitoring and security from any major cloud vendors, including Google, AWS (Amazon), Azure (Microsoft), and others, that operate from data centres in any country.

NEXUS-IBA high-reliability CDN & cloud services are managed through duplication of content across private and public clouds (hybrid clouds) on high bandwidth, optical fibre networks, interconnected directly to Internet backbones, using a global, disaster recovery infrastructure, based on a globally distributed cloud. This technology was originally developed by NEXUS-IBA in 1995, and it’s called WorldDirector. It is a clear advantage over other providers who may connect their users at the periphery of the Internet from a single Access Point or a with a single server that may become disconnected in case of failures.

The NEXUS-IBA approach translates into reliable, high-speed service to any cloud application and service with extremely low latency. It also allows a modular expansion option for additional services, should an upgrade be desired later. In short: a high degree of reliability and customer satisfaction for NEXUS-IBA members and clients.

NEXUS-IBA works in partnership with Milano Ventures Ltd in offering a growing number of cloud services and applications. Such applications include B2B, B2C, e-commerce, professional email services, DNS and domain registration, e-commerce, CRM, CDN, archives, backup, globally distributed and high-reliability web hosting, big data management, backups, databases, sale forces automation, archives, multimedia streaming, content management systems (CMS), e-democracy, e-government, high-reliability, disaster recovery solutions and custom applications.


WorldDirector is a proprietary (trade secret) technology originally developed at NEXUS-IBA R&D lab in 1994-1995. The WorldDirector technology is based on open source components that offer a seamless network of globally distributed (worldwide) and N+1 redundant cloud servers that can make available web content, streaming media and applications with the highest possible speed, quality, resilience and reliability to the final user. The WorldDirector cloud and Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers active/passive or standby (as live backup and embedded live disaster recovery) characteristics. Our edge caching servers can also be used to serve any multimedia content (i.e. audio, video, big data and archives), speeds up any cloud service with content acceleration and adds extreme reliability to any Web-based service. Cloud applications hosted on the WorldDirector network are delivered extremely fast to final users and are always available in high demand or any hardware or network problem.

WorldDirector is completely transparent to both server and client. It does not require any add-on or modification to any server’s application and does not need any enabler software (i.e. plugins) at the client or on the application side. WorldDirector supports all Internet standards, protocols and operating systems, transparently. All the above features become extremely important, for example, in developing countries, where deficiencies in International connectivity may be the reason of the typical “Site not found” problem and potential loss of revenues for many Internet-based applications.

WorldDirector is a key distributed cloud and Content Delivery Network technology in use since early 1995 for cost-cutting and accelerating any Internet-based application. More information and whitepapers are available on request.

Domain Registration Services

Having a presence on the Internet is one thing. But think of the advantages of having your very own domain! NEXUS-IBA domain registration package includes maintaining your annual DNS (Domain Name Service) automatically. We manage all aspects of domain registration services, updates, and maintenance, so you do not risk losing your domain.

A domain is your Internet address. You can also think of it as your Internet calling card. Just like automobile registration-plates in some countries, it’s possible to secure a unique domain name on the Internet, provided it’s not registered already. Presently, there are no restrictions and can register more than 500 different domains, including domains ending,.org, (gTLD), or the so-called new gTLDs. Preferred country indicators known as country code top-level domains (ccTLD) can also be registered (i.e. .it, .us, ch, .at, .fr, .de, etc.) . Even if you’re not yet prepared to activate your site, you may still register your domain and implement it later.

We can handle domain registrations for you. But time is at a premium. Others may have their sights on the same domain name as you! Register your domain name now, and get started on the World Wide Web with your server, complete with email services. Internet domain registration is inexpensive.

But it can put you light-years ahead in your image and competitiveness on the Internet. If you already have email, contact us at