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Cloud Internet Services, hosting and CDN

NEXUS-IBA provides high-speed interconnection in Italy (Milan), Germany (Frankfurt), Singapore and at various locations in the United States. All internet services are rendered from networks directly connected to the main backbones and on the national Neutral Access Points (NAPs). Additionally, we can manage services, from installation to maintenance, monitoring and security from any of the major cloud vendors, including Google, AWS (Amazon), Azure (Microsoft, and others, that operate from data centres in most countries.

NEXUS-IBA hosting and co-location services are offered on high bandwidth, optical fibre networks, interconnected directly to Internet backbones, using a global, disaster recovery infrastructure, based on a globally distributed cloud. This technology developed by NEXUS-IBA in 1995, called WorldDirector, is a clear advantage over other providers who may connect their users at the periphery of the Internet with a single server that may become disconnected in case of failures. The NEXUS-IBA approach translates into reliable, high-speed service to any cloud application and service with extremely low latency. It also allows a modular expansion option for additional services, should an upgrade be desired at a later time. In short: a high degree of reliability and customer satisfaction for NEXUS-IBA members and clien