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NEXUS-IBA offers high-quality audio and video streaming solutions for internet radio and TV broadcasting. Since 1994, we have been the first organisations to provide audio streaming services for radio stations worldwide. Furthermore, in 1994, as one of the beta-tester of RealAudio, i.e. the first audio and later video streaming technology, we created WorldDirector, the first-ever CDN for streaming audio, delivering live and on-demand streaming from òpad-balanced redundant servers in Europe and the USA.

Today, we stream audio and video content on behalf of our members and international broadcasters using our WorldDirector Content Delivery Network (CDN), managed by our sister company Milano Ventures Ltd. As a result, we can provide one of the best available and cost-effective solutions to any broadcast, radio, TV, audio & video streaming, and any other media or file distribution requirement. In addition, Milano Ventures Ltd offers the same services to NGOs, government and commercial organisations that are not NEXUS-IBA’s members.

WorldDirector is based in Europe, the USA and Asia, and we can enhance streaming services with additional edge cloud servers in any country, on any continent.

Replacing satellite feeds with IP delivery

Our CDN is also a cheap and effective way to replace costly satellite distribution technologies for Internet broadcasting or audio and video streams. Moreover, with speedy set-up times, we enable built-in resilience, disaster recovery and N-duplication in case of breakdowns and emergencies.

Our IP delivery system, for example, serves a range of Icecast servers for our international listeners and also feeds our radio relay stations via private streaming servers.

Redundant and self resilient streaming technology

We provide online broadcasting and streaming services for professional users using redundant data centres to ensure continuous, resilient and automatic failover operation. Our infrastructure is located in Europe, Asia and the USA and uses our proprietary distributed cloud technology.

NEXUS-IBA Streaming service provider

In-store and web radio SaaS platforms

We can also build streaming radio stations or in-store and web radio solutions to create your own streaming radio station. We use your audio or video programs, adverts, podcasts, station ID, jingle, playlists and schedule them on an hourly and daily basis to provide your desired streaming station experience. If you require it, we can also offer you a selection of commercial or public domain music, news items and feature programs from selected sources to complement your online station.

We also provide streaming services to several Christian organisations, such as Churches, Pastors and Christian Ministries, who use our streaming services to broadcast live and on-demand to their own restricted or public audiences.

Radio Station Automation

Our streaming panel allows any station to upload MP3 files, create different types of playlists and schedule any audio or video content, including news, podcasts and pre-recorded programs, automatically 24/7. A fully automated software then creates a simulated live audio stream that perfectly simulates a live broadcast as if it is coming from your studio. There is no need for special equipment to create any simulated live stream, such as computers, mixers, CD players or encoders. Streams can be played on any device and streamed to Facebook, YouTube or played on your website using several streaming players. Additionally, at any time, you can initiate a live broadcast from your own studio or home that will fade in and fade out over the simulated live stream.

Internet streaming & radio broadcasting services are available to any individual, organisation and radio & TV station worldwide.

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