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NEXUS-IBA streaming audio channels

Live audio channels at NEXUS-IBA

NEXUS-IBA creates and manages live and on-demand streaming audio and video channels on behalf of members and in co-operation with our service provider Milano Ventures Ltd. Most channels are not available directly via NEXUS-IBA to the public but are private or created and hosted on our broadcasters' websites and apps.

Our stations broadcast mostly live news & information, feature programs on religious, social, development, world politics, economic and cultural issues in English. However, we may also use other languages at certain times, depending on the world target area of our mainstream Shortwave or AM (Medium Wave) broadcast at that time of day. Please consult our frequency and program schedules for more information on our terrestrial broadcasts and target areas.

All our Internet streaming channels are available via our dedicated WorldDirector CDN, the first-ever CDN designed to stream live audio from our stations in 1994.

On this page, you may listen to a sample of 24/7 publicly available live channels, consisting of programs also relayed on Shortwave and Medium Wave (AM).

Internet Radio Nexus (IRN)

IRN is our mainstream radio channel carrying live news, information and Christian radio programs. All programs on this channel are aired on IRRS-Shortwave, IRRS-Medium Wave, IPAR-International Public Access Radio and EGR-European Gospel Radio on Shortwave and AM / Medium Wave. Programs are aired according to our terrestrial broadcasting schedules to Europe & North Africa, with extended broadcasts at high power Shortwave also to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.

IRN (Internet Radio NEXUS) is available 24/7 via Internet radio streaming and in simulcast with our AM / Medium Wave and Shortwave broadcasts:

All Gospel Radio

All Gospel Radio is a 24/7 Christian radio streaming channel that includes live news, religion and meditation in English (only available on the Internet), intermixed with classical and inspirational music. Christian radio programs scheduled on IRRS-Shortwave, IRRS-MediumWave and European Gospel Radio are played at random and multiple times per day on this streaming channel. Please also check our pages on European Gospel Radio's website for more information on our Christian radio programs:

Our music is under an Open Audio License or Creative Common Licenses or has been licensed directly from individual music producers. If you are a music producer and wish to share your own music with listeners on our stations, please consult our terms of use and request our music, artist or label Release Form.

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