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IRRS-Shortwave, a service provided by NEXUS-IBA

IRRS Schedules

IRRS-Shortwave is broadcasting on Shortwave from Europe to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Pacific. Our broadcasts can also be aired outside of our target areas and can be beamed on demand to any region in the world, including North and South America. Every evening from 19:00 CET until 01:00 CET and from 06:00-08:00 CET we also air via IRRS-Medium Wave on 846 kHz to N Italy and Central Europe.

Over our station you may hear a selection of NEXUS-IBA members’ programs, also available 24/7 via our streaming audio service. All broadcasts to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas are scheduled on behalf of our members.

For more details on our broadcasts please also check European Gospel Radio. If you wish to remain updated with the latest frequency and program changes, please subscribe to our mailing list. It’s a low traffic mailing list intended to inform our listeners of any significant change in our schedule.

Here you can find links to today’s broadcast schedules on Shortwave, AM / Mediumwave and live streaming 24/7:

For all broadcasts, please contact the addresses that you hear on the air or send us a reception report by email at

Affiliated stations and general frequency information:

• EGR, European Gospel Radio
• IPAR, International Public Access Radio
Radio Rasant