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IRRS-Shortwave, a service provided by NEXUS-IBA

IRRS Schedules

IRRS-Shortwave and IRRS-MediumWave radio broadcasting services by NEXUS-IBA, broadcasting on Shortwave and AM/ Medium Wave from Europe to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.

“IRRS” stands for the Italian Radio Relay Service, the original station name we have been using since 1979. Our broadcasts on Shortwave can also be aired outside of our designated target areas and be beamed on-demand to any region globally, including North and South America.

Daily we air on IRRS-Shortwave from Europe using high power transmitters from 150 to 300 kW and highly directional HF antennas, reaching worldwide. In addition, every evening from 19:00 CET until 23:15 CET, we air via IRRS-Medium Wave currently on 1323 kHz to Northern Italy, Southern and Central Europe (formerly on 594 kHz and 918 kHz in 2021 & early 2022). In Feb. 202 raised the power on 1323 kHz to provide better reception to residents and refugees in the war zones in and around Ukraine.

European Gospel Radio

IRRS-Shortwave also carries Christian radio programs on behalf of European Gospel Radio (EGR). You can find European Gospel Radio programs listed in our schedules on this website. More information about European Gospel Radio is available also on our website.

For more details on Christian radio broadcasts, please check the European Gospel Radio website to learn about the EGR mission to help Christians preach the Bible and the Gospel to remote areas in the world. With powerful transmitters provided by NEXUS-IBA, European Gospel Radio outreaches Christians and non-Christians where there is no Internet, where Missionaries are not allowed to travel, or where Christian media is censored.

You may hear a selection of NEXUS-IBA members’ programs over our stations, either secular and religious (non-denominational), hourly news, cultural topics, music and feature programs from around the world, also available 24/7 via our streaming audio service. We currently operate two streaming channels:

  • IRN (Internet Radio NEXUS) that simulcast IRRS-Shortwave at the time of operation, as well as news, features, religious programs and music 24/7 in English
  • All Gospel Radio: a 24/7 channel dedicated to Christian programs, news, and Christian music 24/7 in EnglishPlease subscribe to our mailing list. You wish to remain updated with the latest frequency and program changes. It’s a low traffic mailing list intended to inform our listeners of any significant change in our schedule.

International Public Access Radio (IPAR)

International Public Acces Radio (IPAR) is a service provided by NEXUS-IBA to small (non-religious), individual program producers and non-profit organisations worldwide. If you have a general interest program, you are welcome to join IPAR and broadcast your radio program or podcast to a broad audience in Europe and even beyond.

Latest frequency and program schedules

Here you can find links to today’s broadcast schedules on IRRS-Shortwave, AM / Medium Wave and live streaming 24/7:

For all broadcasts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the addresses that you hear on the air or send us a reception report by email at

Affiliated stations and general frequency information:

• EGR, European Gospel Radio
• IPAR, International Public Access Radio

Reception reports

We welcome your reception reports for all of our broadcasts on Shortwave, Medium Wave and Long Wave. If found correct, we will acknowledge your reception report by our e-QSL card. Besides any technical detail on our transmission, we will greatly appreciate comments on the content that you have heard.

Please be patient while we process your QSL requests. We currently have a waiting time of more than 30 days due to a lack of internal resources and submissions volume. All reception reports are only accepted by email at reports (at) nexus (dot) org. We are no more accepting reception reports sent to our street or our old PO Box address.

Copy of reception reports may be sent to the original programmer or supporter of our broadcasts as an anonymised copy (without your full name, address and email). In addition, they may be published on our website, as stated in our privacy policy. If you are unhappy with this provision, please do not send us your reception report and do not send a request a QSL card. Thank You.


NEXUS-IBA and IRRS-Shortwave World Radio schedules