NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association has been officially approved for association with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations

On June 15, 1995, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association has been officially approved for association with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations. This formal act recognizes the important role of our Non Profit, Non Governamental Organization (NGO), and the efforts of our members and volunteers in providing information on the activities of the United Nations to millions of people around the world since 1979.

The United Nations and UNESCO have been associated as ordinary members of NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association since 1990.

The original text of UN DPI’s Press Release dated June 22, 1995 follows:

22 June 1995


The Department of Public Information (DPI) Committee on Non-Governmental
Organizations met on 15 June and approved the association with the
Department of 38 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from 16 countries.

The NGOs newly associated with DPI come from the following countries: 15
from the United States; three each from Argentina and the Russian
Federation; two each from Italy, Japan, Spain, and Venezuela; and one each
from Australia, Cameroon, Colombia, France, Germany, Kuwait, Slovakia,
Sweden, and Switzerland.

Those organizations are: the Arab Towns Organization (Kuwait);
Asociacion de Promocion de la Educacion Popular (Venezuela); Camara de
Comercio, Industria y Produccion de la Republica Argentina (Argentina);
Child Welfare League of America, Inc. (United States); Children of the
Earth (United States); Comite Francais des Organisations Non-
Gouvernementales pour la Liaison et l'Information des Nations Unies
(France); Delta Kappa Gamma Society International (United States);
Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas (United States); Federation
des Associations Feminines du Cameroun (Cameroon); Foundation Ecology and
Life (Slovakia); Friends of UNESCO - Basque Country (Spain); Fundacion Casa
de la Cultura, el Arte y la Ciencia (Colombia); Fundacion Habitat
(Argentina); Global Alliance for Women's Health (United States); Globetree
Foundation (Sweden); International Union of Economists (Russian
Federation); International Association of Women Judges (United States); and
the International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global
Responsibility (Germany).

Also, Liga de Amas de Casa, Consumidores y Usuarios de la Republica
Argentina (Argentina); MAP International (United States); Mega Cities
Project, Inc. (United States); Movimondo (Italy); NAFSA: Association of
International Educators (United States); National Cultures Centre (Russian
Federation); National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic
Council (Australia);

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association (Italy);

No to Alcoholism and Narcotics (Russian Federation); Osaka Junior Chamber,
Inc. (Japan); Rainforest Alliance (United States); Sociedad de Estudios
Internacionales (Spain); Solar Cookers International (United States);
Universal Great Brotherhood (Venezuela); Well-Aging Association of
Japan (Japan); Wellstart International (United States); Wittenberg
Center for Alternative Resources (United States); Women's World Summit
Foundation (Switzerland); Women's Action for New Directions (United
States); and the World Council of Independent Christian Churches (United

The above organizations have effective means of information dissemination
to their constituents and, as part of their association with DPI, have
agreed to help build public understanding of and support for United Nations
programmes and goals. Since 1968, the number of NGOs associated with DPI
has increased from 204 to 1,460.

Organizations eligible for association with DPI are those which share the
ideals of the United Nations Charter; operate solely on a not-for-profit
basis; have a demonstrated interest in United Nations issues and proven
ability to reach large or specialized audiences, such as educators, media
representatives, policy makers and the business community; have the
commitment and means to conduct effective information programmes about
United Nations activities through publication of newsletters, bulletins,
backgrounders and pamphlets, organization of conferences, seminars and
round tables, and enlisting the cooperation of print and broadcast media.

With its seat in Milano, Italy, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association is a strictly non-profit association founded under Italian Law and entirely operated by volunteers that operates IRRS-Shortwave to Europe and IRRS-Globe Radio Milan on FM. NEXUS-IBA, which is designated as an independent “Community Broadcaster”, according to the Italian Broadcasting Law of 1990, makes available broadcast time to members and non members of the Association, with no commercial advertising on the air and, currently, with no corporate underwriting.

For a direct impression of the NEXUS-IBA / IRRS-Shortwave operation, you may tune in Europe to the Shortwave frequency 7,125 kHz (41 metre band) daily from 07:00 to 22:00 Central European Time (CET). In Milano, Italy, NEXUS-IBA is on the air on 88.85 MHz FM with programming in the English language.

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association,
phone: +39- 02-266-6971
fax: +39-02-706-38-151


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