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NEXUS-IBA's Global Broadcasting Reach: Targeting Europe, Africa, and Asia/Pacific


NEXUS-IBA is revolutionizing international communication with targeted broadcasting beams and frequencies– acting as multiple radio stations, with content focused to different audiences and targets. Our AM/Medium Wave Radio Europe beam reaches approximately 80% of the European continent and 100% when using shortwave. AM/Medium Wave is particularly effective in the evening and at night. NEXUS-IBA’s Radio Africa beam uses highly directional shortwave antennas to overcome the African digital divide, reaching remote areas with no other media access. Our Radio Asia/Pacific beam is broadcasted via high-power shortwave (300 kW) to reach out to one of the most densely populated regions in the world. Request more details on how you can join our mission to connect continents and promote global understanding.

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association Shortwave HF antennas

Pioneering International Communication Through Targeted Beams

At NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association (NEXUS-IBA), we’re not just operating radio stations but creating dedicated broadcast and targeted beams on behalf of several content producers’ organisations and broadcasters who wish to reach a specific target – i.e. Radio Europe, Radio Africa, and Radio Asia/Pacific – each specifically designed to reach vast and diverse audiences across different continents.

Radio Europe: A Wide-Reaching Overnight Beam to Europe

Radio Europe is a targeted beam that uses AM/Medium Wave broadcasting to cover approximately 80% of the European continent on AM/Medium Wave and close to 100% on Shortwave. These AM/MW broadcasts may be complemented by dedicated shortwave broadcasts that, besides covering Europe, also reach North Africa and the Middle East. Although coverage in Europe on Shortwave is possible over 24 hours, AM/Medium Wave are particularly effective during the evening prime time, ensuring that our broadcasters’ content is accessible to most European listeners.

Here are the benefits of reaching Europe with AM/Medium Wave:

  • Extensive Coverage: Our AM/Medium Wave broadcasting during the evening and nighttime hours maximises European reach. On Shortwave, we can cover the whole of Europe, 24 hrs a day.
  • Diverse Programming: Our programs include news, cultural insights, and European Gospel Radio segments for Christian content.
  • Community Connection: Our programs engage in discussions and forums on topics relevant to a European audience.

Radio Africa: Bridging the Digital Divide with High Power, Directional Broadcasting from Africa’s doorsteps in Europe

listening to shortwave radio in Africa

Radio Africa is a focused beam aimed at the African continent, particularly in regions where the digital divide is most pronounced. Using highly directional antennas from Europe (rather than from unreliable African transmitters or far away countries), we can effectively deliver content cost-effectively and with a powerful signal to areas where shortwave is the only viable medium.

These are the Key Aspects of NEXUS-IBA’s Radio Africa beam:

  • Targeted Shortwave Transmission: Our directional antennas from Europe ensure penetration into remote and underserved African regions, targeting the whole African continent or specific countries;
  • Culturally Relevant Content: Our broadcasters’ programs beamed to Africa offer a mix of news, politics, cultural programs, and discussions on development, human rights, and environmental conservation;
  • Faith and Empowerment: Programs to Africa offer faith-based messages and programs to uplift and empower African communities.

Radio Asia/Pacific: A Dedicated Beam for the World’s Most Densely Populated Areas


Radio Asia/Pacific is a targeted beam using high-power 300 kW shortwave transmitters and highly directional (long-distance) HF antennas specifically engineered to reach the Asia and Pacific regions. This beam is essential for delivering our content to one of the most populated areas in the world (i.e. India, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, and the Philippines) and countries in Asia where Christian and foreign media are censored.

Broadcasting to Asia/Pacific:

  • High-Power Shortwave: Utilising the strength of powerful shortwave broadcasting to overcome geographical challenges;
  • Culturally Tailored Programs: Content that resonates with the diverse social and cultural landscape of the Asia/Pacific area;
  • Information and Inspiration: Delivering a blend of news, cultural shows, religion and discussions relevant to the Asia/Pacific audience.

NEXUS-IBA Network Control Centre (NCC) for International Broadcasting

Join Us in Our Global Broadcasting Mission

Supporting our targeted broadcasts on Radio Europe, Radio Africa, and Radio Asia/Pacific beams means you’re helping us bridge communication gaps and connect diverse cultures. Your involvement can significantly impact the poorest and most remote communities worldwide.

Ways to Engage

  • Advocate: Help us spread the word about our innovative approach to international broadcasting. Linking our pages to your blog or website or contact us if you wish to write an article for your newspaper or magazine;
  • Donate: Your financial support keeps our broadcast beams solid and far-reaching. Donate to NEXUS-IBA;
  • Participate: Join our team as a volunteer or contributor. Contact us if you wish to support any of our projects.

Expanding Our Global Footprint

Through our targeted beams to Europe, Africa, and Asia/Pacific, NEXUS-IBA continues to break barriers in international broadcasting. Be part of our journey in keeping the world connected and informed. Stay updated with NEXUS-IBA’s latest initiatives and stories on our blog or by joining our mailing lists:

  • IRRS-Shortwave listeners mailing list: this list is a low-traffic list for information on IRRS-Shortwave and IRRS-Medium Wave frequency and program schedules;
  • SW-producers: this list informs radio content producers of new events at NEXUS-IBA and its radio stations.


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