How does NEXUS-IBA relay service work?

If you’ve heard us on the air during the last 30+ years, you know our motto:

You provide the content, and we provide all technical means to bring your own content and your own program to your audience worldwide.

So it’s your content, and it’s your audience (not ours), and we proudly take care of everything to make your mission and broadcast a success. Indeed we also carry all programs unabridged, without modification, as-is. This is why we are a different radio or TV station: in fact, our original name was Italian Radio Relay Service (now also known as Irish Radio Relay Service), and since 1979 we are the first ever organization providing a service of this kind. We are, in fact, a relay station!

We provide you with free counselling to help you get on the air now and fast, and fully manage our technical infrastructure, so you do not have to be proficient in broadcast licencing, transmitter operation, maintenance, time, frequency and antenna selection, frequency management, etc.

Over so many years we helped many small and large organizations come on the air starting with very simple equipment, i.e. a home tape recorder or a home computer with a microphone, knowing that we do the rest to bring your program to your audience anywhere in the world.

We’ll gladly help your mission, your organization or yourself alone to be on the air quickly and to your desired target. Email, call or get in touch, and we’ll be glad to help.




NEXUS-IBA, the Home of International Broadcasting on AM and Shortwave