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NEXUS-IBA IRRS cultural radio link

The Cultural Radio Link to Europe


In 1987, a small group of idealistic and highly dedicated people with broadcasting experience of their own had the idea of starting a Shortwave radio station to act as a link between independent cultural program makers and the European Audience. The Shortwave medium had been recognised for years as the most effective means of reaching the largest number of Europeans by radio and for the high quality of its audience. “The Italian Radio Relay Service” went on-the-air in November 1988 and was an immediate success.

The founders of NEXUS-IBA used their funds to finance the necessary equipment and initially used the facility in their spare time on Saturdays and Sundays to broadcast their programming consisting of music, discussion programs, topical presentations, vintage radio shows, and plays. IRRS-Shortwave quickly became a unique part of the European shortwave scene and attracted a lot of publicity and interest. In fact, the experiment was so successful that enquiries poured in from other program producers who were also anxious to use shortwave, but could not afford the high rates for airtime charged by the established commercial relay stations.

And so, the NEXUS/IRRS idea grew. Soon afterwards, IRRS-Shortwave began airing the current affairs and cultural programs of leading international, intergovernmental agencies and special program services produced by other broadcasters. Thousands of listeners praised their content as being of quality and nature not available elsewhere. The much older NEXUS FM station in Milan is today the sole outlet of the BBC World Service and a major source of multilingual programs in Italy’s most important industrial and commercial centre.

Proof of NEXUS-IBA’ established position in international broadcasting is the fact that it has earned a coveted separate listing in the prestigious “World Radio and TV Handbook” and “Passport to Worldband Radio”, the leading “Who’s Who’s” in international radio. In the religious broadcasting field, some internationally known and respected radio ministries have also become NEXUS members, making NEXUS-IBA in co-operation with “European Gospel Radio” one of the leading outlets of multilingual spiritual programming in Europe. NEXUS-IBA is, however, strictly non-denominational and open to membership of all faiths. With its seat in Milan, NEXUS is a non-profit association founded under Italian Law.

According to the Italian Broadcasting Act of 1990, The Association is designated as a “non-profit community broadcaster operating in the public interest”. NEXUS-IBA makes broadcast time available to members of the Association AT COST. Membership fees are very modest and entitle members to the lowest airtime rates. The small NEXUS-IBA administrative staff is highly dedicated and receives no remuneration beyond legitimate expenses. All revenues above rents, electrical, and maintenance costs go back into the Association to guarantee the lowest possible airtime rates. NEXUS-IBA is based in Italy but is truly international in its scope and philosophy. In fact, current programming is in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian. Programs may be in any language and deal with any subject. The NEXUS-IBA Executive Council exercises no censorship or control and intervenes only in cases where there might be a clear conflict with or violation of Italian Law.


On Shortwave, NEXUS-IBA operates one SIEMENS transmitter of extremely high quality and reliability. It is rated at 10 kW output and is fully automatic. Although capable of standard AM (double side-band) transmission, NEXUS-IBA has chosen to operate with the much more effective and efficient “A3A” modulation, i.e. Single Side-Band, reduced carrier mode, as recommended by the International Telecommunication Union. In this way, our signal has the same communication power as a conventional AM transmitter of 30 kW, while remaining completely compatible with non-SSB receivers. Careful frequency management and the use of digital audio processing techniques assure a signal strength and subsequent high station profile all over Europe and the Mediterranean area. From concept to transmission, NEXUS-IBA is on a solid basis and would be happy to welcome your organisation as a member. Please contact us soon for more information.


Anyone who wants to talk to Europeans by radio in the most cost-effective manner.

Do you remember the pictures that went around the world during the Gulf War, showing people glued to their shortwave radios to get the latest news from the outside world? During that crisis, sales of Shortwave receivers skyrocketed leaving dealers with empty shelves. Shortwave once again demonstrated its importance and effectiveness. For all the talk of satellite radio and TV, Shortwave radio remains the most cost-effective electronic mass medium that can span enormous distances instantly and penetrate into every home in Europe. Also, Shortwave radio is portable and is a companion wherever one goes. It is truly the world’s most mobile electronic mass medium. Modern Shortwave receivers are ultra-compact and very easy to use. NEXUS-IBA offers you this direct access to tens of millions of Europeans at LOW RATES.

Do you remember when a telephone call between the U.S. and Europe cost $5.00 a minute? Today that same call costs a fraction of that amount. Thanks to cost-saving modern technology and, above all, automation, the miracle of international broadcasting has also become affordable for everyone. As specified in its legal charter, NEXUS-IBA makes this non-profit service available in Europe over Shortwave and local FM. The non-profit NEXUS system has cut overhead to the bone, but not at the cost of quality service! The small, dedicated NEXUS staff is non-salaried. This fact, along with computerisation coupled with state-of-the-art transmission equipment ensure NEXUS members reliable, top-quality coverage of Europe AT COST.


Technically-speaking, your message will reach every household and individual in Europe with a shortwave radio – and that’s conservatively estimated at over 50 MILLION PEOPLE! And there are millions of more travellers who carry shortwave with them to keep in touch with the world and for companionship along the way. Perhaps more important is the QUALITY of the shortwave audience. Shortwave listeners are well known for their above average education, open-mindedness, and interest in international, intellectual, and cultural affairs. Besides that, you will be in excellent company on NEXUS-IBA, which has already been used for years as a relay by international broadcasters and official international agencies of the highest standing.


Our non-profit organisation has expertise in European shortwave going back more than a quarter of a century. We offer TOTAL COUNSELING. We want to help you make your broadcasting mission a success. Whatever your programming, NEXUS-IBA will help you reach the right audience at the right time. If desired, this free counselling includes editorial as well as technical assistance, custom tailored to your individual needs. We offer extremely flexible scheduling, ranging from regular daily and weekly service to sporadic, ad hoc broadcasting of individual programs. We are prepared for short-notice service, and even for program material fed by telephone.


Smaller programmers will appreciate the value for money of the NEXUS system made possible by its non-profit basis. Larger program institutions should be aware that, even if they operate their facilities on Shortwave, NEXUS-IBA reaches a very loyal and high-quality fragment of the Shortwave market that may not make a habit of listening to other stations. Our listeners have repeatedly expressed appreciation for the unique variety and quality of NEXUS-IBA programs, reflecting the wide range of NEXUS-IBA members. Perhaps you have “minority” program material that is not suited to your regular operations, or for which no time is available on your regular outlets. The chances are that this material will find a grateful audience via NEXUS-IBA. Furthermore, NEXUS-IBA has no political or religious affiliation. It has a very liberal editorial policy and does not edit or censor material unless in crass violation of official legal guidelines. With NEXUS-IBA you get your message on-the-air the way you want it heard. You are not at the mercy of a production middleman.  NEXUS-IBA is also interested in time and program exchange arrangements with other Shortwave, Medium-wave, and FM stations.

We could go on. But we think it would be more productive to talk with you directly about YOUR particular needs. Whether you are involved in cultural, tourist, current affairs, or religious programming, NEXUS-IBA was created to serve YOUR needs. Please contact us for detailed information at no cost or obligation. You are just a ‘phone call or letter away from your direct link to the European shortwave market. And don’t forget our FM service in Milan, serving the international community in Italy’s most important financial and business centre.

With its seat in Milano, Italy, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association is a strictly non-profit association founded under Italian Law that operates IRRS-Shortwave and IRRS-Medium Wave to Europe. NEXUS-IBA makes available broadcast time at cost to members of the Association, with no commercial advertising on the air and, currently, with no corporate underwriting.

For more information please contact:

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association
phone:  +39-02-266-6971
fax: +39-02-706 38151