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IRRS-Shortwave frequency schedules

B19 Winter 2019 Shortwave schedule

B19 / Winter 2019 schedule for IRRS-Shortwave effective 27 October 19 until 29 March 2020. Last update on 08/10/2019 in parallel with Internet Radio NEXUS (IRN) (24/7) see also: European Gospel Radio

ITU Zones
Power & Modulation
Antenna Beam
72901900-20002000-2100Daily18-20,27-30,37-39150 kW A3Europe, Mideast, AfricaEnglish (1)
95100900-10001000-1100Sat18-20,27-30,37-40150 kW A3Europe, Mideast, N AfricaEnglish (1)
95101030-13001130-1400Sun18-20,27-30,37-40150 kW A3Europe, Mideast, N AfricaEnglish (1)
1551515:00-15:3016:00-16:30Sat38-41,47-48,52-53150 kW A3East AfricaVar (3)

(1) to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.
(2) to the Middle East, Asia and Pacific (also heard in North America & Europe).
(3) to Africa in local languages.
See program schedule for language and program details.

A3 = AM Double Side Band (DSB), high power DCC (Dynamic Carrier Controlled) modulation.
CEST: Central European Summer Time (summer 2019) or local time in Central Europe (UTC+2).
UTC: Universal Time Coordinated equivalent to GMT.
For more information contact: IRRS-Shortwave, email: