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IMPORTANT NOTICE: These transmissions are part of the first RealAudio tests at Internet Radio NEXUS dating back in 1995. They are kept on line for historical reasons only, and may have no actuality value. Due to recent cuts on our budget, we are unable to bring you these news items on a reguar basis as much as we would like to do. Please consider becoming a NEXUS-IBA sponsor.

On March 28, 1998,  the glorious HF broadcasting station at Schwarzenburg, just a few kilometers out of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, was shut down for ever. At NEXUS-IBA we have special memories linked to the technicians and the station itself, as both of our Siemens transmitters that were previously used by Berna Radio's aeronautical service come from the Schwarzenburg broadcasting station. Still on old tube receivers around Europe you may find the word Schwarzenburg on the illuminated scale, but now the Schwarzenburg station will completely dismantled in a matter of weeks and won't be on the air anymore. Founded in 1934, Switzerland's shortwave voice was heard from this glorious station around the world even during world war II as one of the few sources of reliable and objective information. Hear the whole story from the two Bobs, who, sadly, and for the last time, report from the transmitter room at Schwarzenburg :

The HF transmitting station at Schwarzenburg was operated by the Swiss PTT until the end of 1997, when Swisscom took over as a private company. The station itself was used for telephony transmissions around the world, for aeronautical and maritime services, and also by SRI, Swiss Radio International, that will continue transmitting on shortwave from other locations in Europe and around the world.

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