World Press Freedom Day Message (May 3rd, 1999) :
            in  RealAudio 14.4 or RealAudio 28.8

    India's Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao presents "Ghandi in the Global Village" [02:29]

    Venice : The vanishing Waterland [20:47]
    Healing the wounds [17:29]
    The Silk Road [23:49]
    Stories from Northern Lands: Sweden, Part I [18:36]
    Chernobyl: Some lessons learned [20:00]

    Back to Dubrovnik, The Blood of the Stones [41:19]
    Dubrovnik revisited: a time for peace [24:32]

    Conversationes con Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Director General de la UNESCO [27:22]
    Education para todos : sueno o realidad ? [14:53]

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