What is Shortwave Radio and Its Role in Overcoming Information Blockades in Bangladesh?

What is Shortwave Radio and Its Role in Overcoming Information Blockades in Bangladesh?

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How Shortwave Radio Can Help During Bangladesh’s Internet Blockades

The July 2024 political turmoil and information blockade in Bangladesh highlight the critical need for resilient communication methods like shortwave radio. While not widely adopted in recent years, shortwave radio offers a reliable and uncensored medium for news dissemination, especially in times of crisis. By embracing this technology, Bangladeshi citizens can overcome information blackouts and stay informed amidst governmental repression.

Context of the Current Bangladesh Crisis

In July 2024, Bangladesh experienced a wave of anti-government protests led by the opposition parties, notably the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Islami Andolan Bangladesh (IAB). These demonstrations were a reaction to alleged electoral fraud and increasing governmental authoritarianism. The government’s response included widespread arrests, enforced disappearances, and violent crackdowns on demonstrators. Moreover, the government imposed an internet blockade, significantly disrupting communication and access to information.

What is Shortwave Radio?

Shortwave radio is a type of radio transmission that uses shortwave frequencies. These frequencies can travel long distances by bouncing off the ionosphere, making them ideal for international broadcasting. Shortwave radio has been a reliable medium for disseminating uncensored news in regions facing censorship.

Advantages of Shortwave Radio:

  1. Independent of Local Infrastructure: Shortwave radio operates independently of local internet and telecommunication infrastructure, making it resilient to both government censorship and technical failures.
  2. Wide Coverage: Shortwave signals can cover vast distances, ensuring that information reaches even the most remote areas.
  3. Access to International News: International broadcasters such as the BBC, Voice of America (VOA), Deutsche Welle, Radio France Internationale, Radio Free Asia, EGR and NEXUS-IBA / IRRS are reliable sources for news, offering an alternative to potentially biased local media.

How to Use Shortwave Radio to Bypass Censorship

Given the current restrictions in Bangladesh, or in any other country that may limit freedom of information through censorship, shortwave radio remains an underutilized yet viable solution for accessing uncensored news and maintaining communication. Here are practical steps for citizens and activists:

  1. Acquire a Shortwave Radio Receiver: These are available online and at electronics stores.
  2. Tune into International Broadcasters: Frequencies and schedules for broadcasters like the BBC, VOA or IRRS / NEXUS-IBA are available online.
  3. Regularly Monitor Broadcasts: Staying updated with multiple sources ensures a comprehensive understanding of ongoing events.

The Impact of the Internet Blockade

The internet blockade in Bangladesh has severely affected communication. On multiple occasions, the government has shut down mobile internet services to prevent protesters from organizing. Additionally, a recent submarine cable breakdown further compounded the issue, leaving large parts of the country with minimal internet access.

Human rights organizations have reported severe human rights abuses, including the use of rubber bullets and tear gas against peaceful protesters, and mass arrests of opposition supporters. The blockade has also hindered the ability of journalists and human rights activists to document and report these abuses effectively.

Symptoms of an Information Blackout

  • Reduced Internet Speed: Users experience significantly slower internet speeds due to bandwidth limitations and blockages.
  • Lack of Communication: Difficulty in organizing protests and disseminating information due to the shutdown of mobile internet services.
  • Increased Censorship: Government control over local media, limiting access to unbiased news.

Shortwave Radio: An Untapped Opportunity

Given the current restrictions, shortwave radio serves as a critical tool for accessing reliable news and ensuring the free flow of information. Citizens and activists can leverage shortwave radio to stay informed and coordinate efforts without relying on compromised local internet services.

The current political turmoil and information blockade in Bangladesh highlight the critical need for resilient communication methods like shortwave radio. While not widely adopted in recent years, shortwave radio offers a reliable and uncensored medium for news dissemination, especially in times of crisis. By embracing this technology, Bangladeshi citizens can overcome information blackouts and stay informed amidst governmental repression.

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How to Combine Hacking and Ham Radio for Telecom Advances

How to Combine Hacking and Ham Radio for Telecom Advances

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The Inspirational Role of Hackers in Radio Communication

Ethical hackers are inspirational figures pushing the boundaries of telecommunications. Their contributions to open-source software, such as the recent developments in Software-defined Radio (SDR) and their spirit of curiosity and innovation benefit the entire telecommunications community. The intimate connection between ethical hackers and ham radio operators exemplifies the collaborative and exploratory nature of these passionate individuals. By understanding and embracing the positive aspects of hacking, we can appreciate the invaluable contributions these individuals make to telecommunications.

In the realm of telecommunications, “hacking” often evokes images of malicious activities. However, ethical hacking is about the curiosity to understand how technology works. Ethical hackers are enthusiasts who explore these systems, discover vulnerabilities, and create innovative solutions. Many contribute significantly to the community by developing open-source software that benefits the computer, networking and telecommunications infrastructure.

The HOPE Conference and 2600 Magazine

The Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference, organized by “2600: The Hacker Quarterly“, is a major event that gathers telecommunications hackers, technologists, and security experts. This conference is a platform for sharing knowledge, discussing cybersecurity in telecommunications, and promoting ethical hacking. 2600 Magazine has been instrumental in promoting ethical practices in hacking, emphasizing transparency and innovation in telecommunications.

The Historical Role of Ham Radio in Telecommunications

Ham radio, or amateur radio, has played a crucial role in the history of telecommunications. Early ham radio operators were pioneers, experimenting with high-frequency (HF) radio waves, building their equipment, and establishing long-distance communications. Their experimentation and open sharing of knowledge significantly contributed to advancements in telecommunications.

The Connection Between Hackers and Ham Radio Operators

The connection between ethical hackers and ham radio operators is deeply rooted in their shared passion for technology and experimentation. Both communities thrive on the principles of DIY (Do It Yourself), open knowledge, and community support. Ham radio operators often engage in hacking by modifying and improving their HF radio equipment, while hackers apply similar skills to telecommunications software and hardware projects.

The 15th Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) conference highlighted this connection, showcasing participation from both ethical hackers and ham radio enthusiasts. Conference sessions demonstrated how skills and principles from both communities drive innovation and foster community-building.

Topics Relevant to the HOPE Conferences and 2600 Magazine

The HOPE conferences and 2600 Magazine cover a wide array of hacking topics beyond ham radio, including:

  • Cybersecurity: Exploring vulnerabilities and developing security measures.
  • Open Source Software: Creating and sharing software for public benefit.
  • Hardware Hacking: Modifying and enhancing electronic devices.
  • Privacy and Surveillance: Understanding and protecting personal data.
  • Cryptography: Securing communications through encryption.

These topics underscore the diverse interests and contributions of the hacker community, promoting a collaborative and innovative spirit.

Ham Radio as an Early Form of Hacking

Ham radio can be considered an early form of hacking because it involved experimentation, innovation, and knowledge sharing long before the advent of computers. Ham radio operators built their equipment, tested the limits of HF radio waves, and connected with others worldwide, embodying the hacker ethos of curiosity and problem-solving.

There is HOPE for Ham Radio

The presentation “There is HOPE for Amateur Radio” by Dan Romanchik at the July 2024 HOPE conference in New York delves into the profound impact and ongoing relevance of amateur radio in the modern technological landscape. It traces the origins of ham radio, illustrating how early operators were the first hackers, driven by a desire to innovate and improve communication technologies. The talk emphasized the contributions of these pioneers to advancements in radio technology and highlights the community spirit that ham radio fosters.

Romanchik explored the intersection between ham radio and hacking, drawing parallels between the DIY ethos of ham radio operators and the hacker community. Both groups are driven by curiosity, a passion for problem-solving, and a commitment to open knowledge sharing. The presentation showcases how hackers have contributed to the amateur radio field with innovations like software-defined radio (SDR) and digital communication modes.

The discussion extends to the modern relevance of ham radio, highlighting its role in disaster response, remote communications, and technical education. Despite the advent of digital communication technologies, ham radio remains a vital tool for learning and innovation. Romanchik underscores the practical applications of ham radio in various scenarios, reinforcing its importance in fostering technical skills and community engagement.

The presentation concludes with a call to action, encouraging individuals to explore the world of amateur radio. It highlights the benefits of joining this vibrant community, including gaining technical expertise, contributing to public service, and being part of a global network of enthusiasts. This call to action aims to inspire a new generation of ham radio operators and hackers to continue pushing the boundaries of telecommunications innovation.

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Radio Evangelism: Bring Christ to the world

Radio Evangelism: Bring Christ to the world

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Radio Evangelism: How To Reach Millions With Your Christian Ministry

We strongly believe that International and Christian broadcasting should not be a money-making opportunity but rather an exciting missionary challenge to spread the Gospel to the poorest and most unreachable corners of the World.

We are broadcasting from Europe to the World! We operate streaming radio and powerful AM (Medium Wave) & Shortwave transmitters for several Christian organizations.

Sharing Jesus through radio

Preaching the Bible to Europe, Asia and Africa on Shortwave radio​No matter where in the World you want to reach or how soon you need your message to go out, International Radio can help. It’s a powerful evangelizing tool, especially when you can’t send missionaries to remote, dangerous, or war-torn areas.

There are many countries where Christianity is illegal, Christians are persecuted, or it is dangerous for Christians to live. These include communist China, North Korea, Somalia, Lybia, Yemen, Eritrea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Kashmir, Bhutan, Laos, Burma, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and most Muslim countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. We often reach countries at war, like Ukraine and Russia and troubled regions in Asia, East and Central Africa.

Our 150 and 300-kW radio transmitters offer the best coverage for the Middle East, Europe and Africa at a cost-effective price. 300 kW Shortwave provides almost worldwide coverage with just one broadcast. We can extend our European range to countries like India, China, the Americas and the Pacific by using highly directional antennas and high-power modern digital transmitters.

What can European Gospel Radio do for your mission?

European Gospel Radio (EGR) is an international public service promoted by NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association, a non-denominational, strictly non-profit and mostly volunteer organization that has operated since 1979 from Milan, Italy.

Our mission is to help you teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World on Shortwave, AM (Medium Wave) radio, satellite and Internet streaming.

Access to EGR is open to all with a Christian message to broadcast to the World, regardless of denomination or Church affiliation. We are a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help any organization spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this by providing an international broadcasting platform for people to share their faith through world radio or streaming live.

If you have a Christian message that you would like to share with the World, we would love to help you.

Teaching God’s Word & Worship around the World on Christian Radio

We assist Christian preachers, Pastors, Churches, radio stations, podcasters and individual program producers globally in airing their programs on Shortwave, AM, and Medium Wave radio and stream them all over the World.

Christian Radio WorldWide: Are you ready?

If you need help evaluating your international broadcasting options, you can schedule a 15 min FREE consultation with a NEXUS-IBA or EGR specialist.

We would be happy to call you back at a convenient time and answer any questions you have about broadcasting your Christian message worldwide.

Ask us how to Bring the Gospel to Every Nation Through Radio

We are based in Europe, so if you are in a different time zone, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or through our contact us form, and we can arrange a time to speak with you by phone or email is convenient for you.

We are available to answer any specific or additional questions you may have. If you produce or broadcast religious programs and are looking for Internet, Shortwave or International AM/Medium Wave radio coverage or satellite TV in Europe and the USA, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

listening to shortwave radio in Africa

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, specific or otherwise. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you create or air religious programs and require Internet, Shortwave, or International AM/Medium Wave radio coverage or satellite TV in Europe, Asia or Africa.

A WorldWide Christian Broadcasting Network: Tap into a large, International Christian Radio audience

As the Internet and media continue to fragment, traditional ways of broadcasting your message on local FM or AM radio are becoming increasingly ineffective.

However, many areas are still not covered by the Internet, local FM or AM radio and TV. This is especially true in the less developed regions of Africa, Asia/Pacific and Europe.

World Radio station airtime: Want your own Christian radio station?

European Gospel Radio (EGR) is a premier Christian station and Christian Broadcasting Network, reaching millions of people in Europe and worldwide. EGR offers Christian broadcasters, particularly independent Christian radio producers, Pastors, Preachers, and Churches from around the World, a more effective way of communicating with new, existing, and additional listeners worldwide.

EGR offers Christian Radio Airtime combining several different media outlets with one package, including Free Streaming on the Internet for every program aired on our International (Shortwave) broadcasting service. This enables any Christian radio producer to reach also a faithful audience at home (via Internet streaming) in Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific or any specific target around the World.

A World Radio network for your Christian radio programs

We operate highly directive antennas and high-power, modern transmitters up to 300,000 Watts, beaming several millions of Watts in Effective Radiated Power (ERP) into any desired target, reaching cost-effectively any continent or any specific country or region in the World.

satellite broadcasting to Africa

EGR can and will help you deliver your Christian message via its Christian broadcasting network to millions of listeners in poor and underdeveloped areas around the World.

Shortwave and AM/Medium Wave Radio airtime is available now on EGR

By only using local media to preach the Gospel and airing your sermon on a local FM, AM or TV channel, you are missing out on millions of listeners worldwide and a faithful audience abroad that you can evangelize outside the coverage of your local station.

Whether you wish to reach Asia, Africa or Europe, or outreach in times of war and conflicts, or broadcast to Islamic or dangerous countries where you can’t send missionaries, we can offer a broadcast package to reach all nations worldwide.

listening to radio at war in Ukraine

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association operates European Gospel Radio from Milan, Italy and Dublin, Ireland. EGR has a truly non-profit and missionary spirit to help you evangelize any corner of the World.

Want your own radio station?

Contact us today if you wish to learn more and join us, as all Christian broadcasters who trust us and have used our media daily since 1979.

This is an invitation for indeed missionary organizations, not in search of financial rewards from their US audiences.

If you want to share your Christian message of Salvation with others, consider joining European Gospel Radio today. This is a great way to reach out to people all over the World and let them know about your faith.

Do you love God or money?

We believe that becoming wealthy should not be a priority for Preachers and Pastors. We would like Churches, Pastors and Radio Ministries that have a missionary focus on joining our Christian network, as we feel they will have the most positive influence on our worldwide audience.

If you want to raise funds primarily through a radio broadcast to Europe, Africa, or Asia, we strongly discourage bringing your program to European Gospel Radio. The results will be disappointing as our target is not the United States of America (USA).

Most of our listeners in Asia and Africa do not have a bank account or credit card and cannot send you any checks in the mail. They live in remote areas without electricity, cell phones, and email or web access. Europeans are tight with their money and sceptical of appeals for donations. This is simply the way society is.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would refrain from contacting us if you intend to do Christian fundraising or make a profit.

Donate to support Cristian Media WorldWide!

If you’re not a broadcaster or program producer but would still like to support us, you can donate to European Gospel Radio. This will help us continue expanding our outreach to even more African, Asia/Pacific countries and Europe.

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association is a non-profit association of international broadcasters and media producers that owns and operates European Gospel Radio. If you would like to donate, you can do so via PayPal by following the link below. You can donate in US Dollars or Euros using your credit or debit card or your PayPal account (registration for PayPal is NOT required).

Thank you for your support!

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Deciphering ‘Fake News’ through Free Speech Radio: The Importance of Human Rights and Freedom of Expression in Defining True Media Freedom

Deciphering ‘Fake News’ through Free Speech Radio: The Importance of Human Rights and Freedom of Expression in Defining True Media Freedom

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Harnessing the Power of Radio to Advocate for Human Rights: A Global Perspective


This article delves into the pivotal role of free speech radio in challenging and debunking ‘fake news‘. Radio platforms stand as beacons of authentic media freedom in an age of misinformation by championing human rights and advocating for genuine freedom of expression. Dive in to understand the importance of upholding these values in today’s global media landscape.

International Public Radio Access fights censorship and promotes human rights

Harnessing the Power of Radio to Advocate for Human Rights: A Global Perspective

In the era of information overload, where fake news and misleading websites cloud the minds of many, the importance of a reliable, authentic source of information cannot be overstated. The rise of community radio, especially one that aims to broadcast the untainted truth to continents like Europe, Asia, and Africa, is both a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of free speech.

The Role of Shortwave and Community Radio in Promoting Free Speech

Community radio stands as a bulwark against the suppression of freedom of speech. In many countries, especially with strict media censorship, the government often controls the narrative, leading to a misinformed or under-informed public. This is evident in places like Ethiopia, where censorship has often been criticized, Iran, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, Vietnam, Belarus, Equatorial Guinea, Cuba or in Russia, where media freedom is contentious. But with IPAR and Shortwave international radio, and to some extent community radio, voices that were once silenced can now resonate.

IPAR broadacasts to Palestine and Israel during the conflict

International Human Rights Law and Radio Broadcasting

Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948. It is the bedrock upon which many other rights are built. Any infringement on this right, be it through censorship in journalism, government censorship of media, or even the infamous firewalls in China, Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia, are a direct violation of international human rights law.

By promoting free speech through international radio broadcasting to countries in the Middle East and Africa, where human rights violations persist, or Asia, where freedom varies from country to country, we are championing the cause of human rights and educating and enlightening the masses.

Radio: An Instrument against Fake Stories and Misinformation

The threat of fake news broadcasts and misleading newspaper stories is real. In an age where information is just a click away, the authenticity and credibility of that information become paramount.

International Broadcasting on Shortwave, Medium Waves (AM radio) and Satellite and local Community radio, especially those platforms that prioritize and uphold the sanctity of the truth, is essential in the fight against misinformation. By dispelling myths, debunking fake stories, and providing firsthand information, radio becomes an antidote to the poison of falsehood.

IPAR support freedom of speech radio

Empowering the Marginalized with Community Radio

In many regions, from the Oromo rebellion in Ethiopia to the southern Cameroon conflict, the voices of the marginalized are often drowned out by dominant narratives. Community radio can amplify these voices, illuminate human rights abuses, and advocate for change.

The IPAR (International Public Radio) perspective

The world needs more champions of free speech. Whether standing against censorship in society, advocating for freedom of press amendments, or supporting organizations like NEXUS-Internaitnal Broadcasting Association, every action counts. Radio is not just a medium; it’s a movement. And in this movement, every voice matters.

International Public Access Radio especially when broadcasting to continents as diverse as Europe, Asia, and Africa, is pivotal in upholding and promoting human rights.

Amid challenges such as media censorship and the surge of misleading news stories, the steadfast voice of internatinal radio outreaches the digital divide and government firewalls, championing truth, justice, and the undying essence of free speech.

The Significance of International Broadcasting in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

International broadcasting is critical in shedding light on the ongoing conflict between Hamas in Palestine and Israel. As tensions escalate in this volatile region, global media outlets serve as a vital conduit for unbiased, on-the-ground reporting.

IPAR role in the Palestine conflict

These broadcasters ensure that the international community remains informed about the realities civilians face, the diplomatic efforts underway, and the broader implications of the conflict.

In an age where misinformation can exacerbate tensions, the objective lens of international broadcasting provides a balanced perspective, fostering understanding and potentially aiding in conflict resolution efforts. It’s essential to recognize the weight and responsibility these international platforms carry in bridging the information gap, ensuring that the voices of the affected are heard, and keeping the global community informed and engaged.

Read more about IPAR

What is IPAR?

Read more about International Public Radio: How to start your own Internet and Shortwave radio station or how to air your podcast, station or radio program to an International, Worldwide audience.

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The Role of International Broadcasting

The Role of International Broadcasting

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The Digital Divide, Media Censorship, and the Role of International Broadcasting

In the rapidly evolving landscape of global communication, the democratizing promise of technology stands juxtaposed against the challenges of the digital divide and media censorship. Regions impacted by war, such as Ukraine, experience severe disruptions in telecommunication mediums.

At the same time, many countries in Africa and Asia grapple with self-imposed information blackouts due to government censorship. Despite these challenges, international broadcasting, incredibly resilient mediums like shortwave radio, emerges as a beacon of hope, piercing through these barriers and ensuring the flow of unbiased information.

Disruptions Caused by War: The Case of Ukraine

Amidst the turmoil of conflict, maintaining a steady communication infrastructure can be arduous. During Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, telecommunication towers were targeted, disrupting mobile phone services and the Internet.

Broadcasting stations became battlegrounds, with both sides aiming to control the narrative. Television and radio stations were bombed, making reliable information scarce. Yet, in these situations, international broadcasts, whether through shortwave radio or satellite feeds, provide an alternative news source, bringing in external and often more neutral viewpoints.

Digital Divide in Africa and Asia

The disparities in access to digital technology are starkly visible in many parts of Africa and Asia. Countries like Chad in Africa and Afghanistan in Asia exemplify the digital divide, where internet penetration remains staggeringly low.

Factors such as underdeveloped infrastructure, high costs, and limited digital literacy compound the issue. Traditional mediums like radio still hold significant sway in these regions, making them prime channels for international broadcasters to reach local populations.

Government Censorship and the Iron Curtains of Information

Certain nations in Africa and Asia have erected formidable ‘information iron curtains’.

For instance, North Korea maintains an almost complete blackout on foreign news, with stringent penalties for those caught accessing external sources.

Similarly, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, often dubbed ‘Africa’s North Korea’, impose heavy censorship on media and Internet use. In these scenarios, the role of international broadcasting becomes even more crucial.

Due to its unique ability to cross borders without local intermediaries or infrastructure, shortwave radio has become a potent tool.

NEXUS-IBA, the BBC World Service, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, Radio France International and Radio Free Asia have historically utilized shortwave broadcasts to reach audiences in such restricted regions, ensuring that the flame of free information continues to burn.

There are many challenges to free information flow, from war-torn landscapes to government-imposed blackouts. Yet, the resilience of international broadcasting, especially mediums like shortwave radio, proves that the quest for unbiased information and connection remains unyielding, irrespective of the barriers in place.

Remembering Eros Bacoccina (1927-2022): A Life in Service to the Italian Christian Radio Mission

Remembering Eros Bacoccina (1927-2022): A Life in Service to the Italian Christian Radio Mission

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A Beacon of Faith: The Life of Eros Valentino Bacoccina (1922- 2022)

With a profound sense of loss and respect, we recognize the life and achievements of Eros Valentino Bacoccina. The sad news of his passing on November 21st, 2022, in his San Jose, California home reached us only in June 2023.

Eros, a devoted husband, loving father, doting grandfather, and proud great-grandfather, was born and raised in the scenic city of Lucca, Italy, in 1927. His life took a huge turn when he immigrated to San Francisco, California, 1948 at age 21. After uniting in matrimony with the love of his life, Carla Giovannoni, in 1951, they raised a beautiful family of five daughters together.

Eros Valentino Bacoccina

Eros Valentino Bacoccina (1927-2022), the Italian Baptist Pastor based in San Francisco / San Jose, CA and La Buona Novella producer.

Eros initially made his living in America as a painter and designer. However, his life took a divine detour in 1965 when he was ordained as a minister, leading him to establish the Iormer Italian Baptist Church at 39 Amazon Ave., in San Francisco (CA). He served the congregation faithfully as a pastor for 37 years, and his services weren’t limited to the pulpit; he extended his care and spiritual guidance to hospitals and prisons as a chaplain.

His dedication and faith have been conveyed globally through the airwaves on IRRS (the Italian Radio Relay Service on FM, AM/MW and SW), European Gospel Radio, and NEXUS-IBA since early 1980 on the radio program “La Buona Novella” (The Good News). As we process the news of his passing, we celebrate Eros’s life and legacy, cherishing his memory and remarkable impact on countless lives.

From Altar Boy to Revered Pastor: The Early Years

Eros Valentino Bacoccina was born in Sorbano del Vescovo, Lucca, Italy, on April 9, 1927, where he resided for the first twenty-one years. He was born into a Roman Catholic family. He lived adjacent to a Catholic institution, the Artigianelli orphanage, which his family served with honour and devotion.

Once, at his home in San Jose, CA, Eros made fun with me of his second name, “Valentino“: “Entirely inappropriate” for a Baptist Pastor – he said – and told me that he never liked it and wanted to be known simply as Eros Bacoccina.

His family was deeply Catholic and faithfully attended the local church and other Catholic institutions. He served as an altar boy and participated daily in the family rosary. Although the religious activities were vibrant and ornate, they confused and dissatisfied him.

At the age of ten, he became an altar boy. For him, there was no other religion or church. He had never laid his eyes on a Bible. He grew up believing that he was a sinner and that God’s wrath was upon him, for it was because of his sins that Jesus, His divine Son, had been forced to suffer and die on the cross.

In 1948, at 21, he immigrated to San Francisco, California, with his sister Tina and his mother, Dina. They joined their father, Angelo, in San Francisco. Angelo Bacoccina was just out of several US internment camps, being considered an enemy alien during World World II and under investigation as a prominent figure during the Fascism among the Italians in the San Francisco area, a teacher at the San Francisco Italian Language School and an occasional speaker at the KLS radio station in nearby Oakland, CA.

While in California, Eros worked as a painter and designer. After a few years, through his hard work, he became a successful businessman in San Francisco.

Yet, his spiritual journey continued. He encountered resistance in his Catholic church when he sought a direct connection with God. Undeterred, Bacoccina continued his quest for spiritual enlightenment.

Crossing Paths with Amelio Giannetta: A Turning Point

In 1951 Eros married Carla Giovanonni. One Sunday, while in San Francisco, he heard a man speaking in Italian about God on a local radio station. The message was novel and different. The speaker conveyed a sense of deep knowledge and intimacy with God, talking of His greatness, mercy, and the salvation possible and available to all men by faith and grace. This was precisely what Bacoccina was seeking, exactly what he needed. The program was titled “La Buona Novella” (in English: “The Good News”) and the speaker was Amelio Giannetta, the Home Mission Board missionary for Italians.

Pastor Amelio Giannetta

Pastor Amelio Giannetta (1925-2019)

Bacoccina wrote to Giannetta, who visited him in response. The bond between the two men deepened when Giannetta gifted him an Italian New Testament. This gift, coupled with Giannetta’s teachings and the continued exposure to the radio broadcasts, led Bacoccina on a path of profound transformation. Five months later, he accepted Christ as his Savior, an event that marked a significant shift in his spiritual journey. In 1965, Eros Bacoccina became an ordained Baptist Church minister. Eros joined the Italian Baptist Church at 39 Amazon Rd, in San Francisco, where he served as Pastor for 37 years. He also worked as a Chaplain for numerous hospitals and prisons.

Eros’s journey took a significant turn when he chanced upon a radio broadcast by Amelio Giannetta, the Home Mission Board missionary for Italians. The program titled “Buona Novella” was a breath of fresh air for Bacoccina. He was drawn to Giannetta’s teachings, his deep knowledge of God, and the salvation he promised all men could achieve through faith and grace.

Amelio Giannetta: A Legacy of Faith and Broadcast

In the rich tapestry of religious broadcasting, few figures have left as indelible a mark as Pastor Amelio Giannetta. Born in Italy and educated in the United States, Giannetta’s journey reflects a profound dedication to his faith and an unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel across continents and through the airwaves.

Giannetta’s most notable contribution to religious media is his role as the principal speaker for “La Buona Novella,” a 30-minute Italian-language religious broadcast. Produced by the Southern Baptist Radio and Television Commission, “La Buona Novella,” which translates to “The Good News” in English, served as a beacon of hope and spiritual guidance for Italian-speaking audiences. This program was more than just a radio show; it was a lifeline to faith for many, delivered in their native tongue with warmth and conviction.

The impact of “La Buona Novella” was felt most strongly in San Francisco, where it aired on a local station. The program’s success was not merely a testament to its content but also to Giannetta’s ability to connect with listeners on a deeply personal level. His eloquence and sincerity resonated with many, making the teachings of the Southern Baptist faith accessible and relatable.

In a significant turn of events, in 1960, Giannetta left for Brazil to continue his missionary work. This transition could have spelled the end for “La Buona Novella,” but Giannetta’s foresight ensured its continuity. Before his departure, he meticulously recorded a backlog of messages, providing the show with a reservoir of content that sustained it during his absence. This move demonstrated not only his dedication to the program but also his strategic vision for its longevity.

Recognizing the program’s value, the Southern Baptist Radio and Television Commission decided to sustain “La Buona Novella” and even expanded its efforts. They enlisted Lino Bartoli, a violin and Italian instructor at Baylor University, to take on the role of announcer. This addition brought a new dimension to the show, maintaining its cultural and linguistic authenticity while Giannetta continued to contribute new recordings from Brazil.

The program’s musical element, under the direction of Mrs. Ornie Sufferns from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, added another layer of richness. The choir, comprised of students and faculty, infused each episode with soulful hymns and spiritual songs, creating an immersive auditory experience that complemented Giannetta’s messages.

Giannetta’s influence extended beyond the confines of the radio studio. His life and work epitomize the missionary spirit, transcending geographical boundaries to touch lives around the globe. His dedication to his faith and his innovative approach to religious broadcasting have left an enduring legacy.

In a world where media is often a tool for secular and commercial interests, Giannetta’s story is a refreshing reminder of its potential for spiritual enrichment and community building. His work with “Buona Novella” not only brought the message of Christ to countless listeners but also highlighted the power of perseverance, adaptability, and faith.

As we reflect on Amelio Giannetta’s contributions, we are reminded of the profound impact one individual can have through dedication to a cause greater than themselves. His legacy continues to inspire, a testament to the enduring power of faith-driven media.

Becoming the Italian Pastor at 39 Amazon Avenue, San Francisco, California, USA

His newfound faith inspired Eros to lead others on a similar journey. His dedication and commitment led him to become an ordained minister in 1965, and soon after, he founded the Italian Baptist Church at 39 Amazon Avenue in San Francisco, California. He served as Pastor there for an impressive 37 years, touching countless lives with his teachings and guidance.

The former Italian Baptist church at 39 Amazon Ave., San Francisco, California

The former Italian Baptist church at 39 Amazon Ave in San Francisco, CA, USA

Despite the many challenges he faced along the way, including criticism and resistance from influential figures like Harold Camping, the controversial president and owner of Family Radio, Bacoccina remained steadfast in his mission. His resilience saw him continue his Christian mission through his own radio program, “La Buona Novella,” which aired on NEXUS-IBA stations daily.

Worldwide Preaching: The Legacy of Eros Bacoccina

Eros Bacoccina will forever be remembered for his steadfast faith, commitment to worldwide preaching, and his significant contributions to Christian radio and shortwave radio broadcasting. His journey from a young altar boy in Italy to a globally recognized Italian Pastor serves as an inspiration to many.

Eros’s life is a testament to the transformative power of faith and perseverance. He leveraged the medium of radio to spread the teachings of Christ and touched countless lives in the process. He was a beacon of hope for many, a guiding light that shone brightly in times of spiritual confusion.

Despite his passing, his legacy lives on. His sermons continue to inspire people worldwide, offering solace and guidance to those seeking a deeper connection with their faith. His life story is a testament to his unwavering faith and serves as an inspiration to many.

His journey from Italy to the shores of California, from an altar boy to an influential pastor, from a spiritual seeker to a beacon of faith, is a narrative that will continue to inspire and guide future generations. Eros Bacoccina’s life was a testament to the power of faith, the reach of Christian mission, and the transformative power of a personal relationship with God.

Eros Bacoccina: A Life in Service to the Italian Christian Radio Mission

Eros Bacoccina was born in Italy into a deeply Catholic family. His life was deeply entrenched in the practices and beliefs of the Catholic Church. Despite his early religious involvement, Bacoccina had an unquenched spiritual hunger. After immigrating to California in 1948, he sought to grow closer to God but felt obstructed by the church’s teachings. This spiritual journey set the stage for Bacoccina’s transition into the world of Christian radio broadcasting.

Eros Bacoccina’s life transformed when he tuned into a Christian radio program named “La Buona Novella,” hosted by Home Mission Board missionary Amello Giannetta for Italians. The novel perspective on faith and God’s relationship with humans filled Bacoccina’s heart with hope, launching his lifelong devotion to radio broadcasting, particularly shortwave radio, as a means for worldwide preaching.

With the guidance of Amelio Giannetta and the transformative messages of the New Testament, Bacoccina found his “very-personal” relationship with God, eventually accepting Christ as his Savior. This decision marked the end of his spiritual quest and the beginning of his Christian mission to bring the message of salvation to Italians worldwide.

A Radio Evangelist is Born at la Buona Novella Broadcasts

From a 30-minute weekly program in the San Francisco Bay Area that began in 1954, Eros Bacoccina finally took over the “La Buona Novella” radio program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its message went to all of California and seven states in the continental USA. Then La Buona Novella Ministry also started in Italy, and at one point, they had 24 radio stations broadcasting the Gospel daily.

The radio ministry of La Buona Novella continued for half a century as the Gospel of Jesus Christ was preached over the air in the Italian language both in the United States and Europe. Each program brought to light the simple and yet fathomless truths found in God’s word presented timeless principles to the lost and believers alike, and covered various programs and themes:

  1. Christian counselling in Italian
  2. Gospel Messages
  3. Bible quiz.
  4. Woman to Woman radio episodes

Then Pastor Eros Bacoccina’s voice brought the Gospel worldwide on Shortwave and locally on FM and received mail from 50 nations. When Government regulations and pressure from other religious groups forced many evangelical radio stations off the air, La Buona Novella started over the Internet with a new website with the help of NEXUS-IBA and European Gospel Radio.

Eros Bacoccina: The Italian Pastor at Family Radio (WYFR)

Eros Bacoccina was known worldwide for his daily program in Italian on Family Radio (WYFR), broadcast on Shortwave from Okeechobee, Florida. He was known internally as “The Italian Pastor” and the only Italian radio speaker at Family Radio. The controversial president and owner of Family Radio, Harold Camping (July 19, 1921 – December 15, 2013), hired him to barely translate Campings’ messages from English to Italian.

Eros visited our FM station in Milano in the early 1980s. We met him again several times in his home in San Jose, where he lived with his beloved wife, Carla. In our private conversations with Eros, he described Harold Camping as an engineer who made his fortunes in the construction business but had little or no theological education.

Harold Egbert Camping, the powerful boss of Family Radio, was also the most prominent evangelist radio broadcaster on the English radio service of Family Radio and WYFR (on Shortwave), owned by Family Stations, Inc., with headquarters in Hegeberer Rd, Oakland, California. WYFR ceased all shortwave transmissions on July 1, 2013. In December 2013, Jeff White, the owner of WRMI, formerly operating from Miami, came into an agreement with Family Stations Inc. to use the WYFR transmission facility in Okeechobee, FL.

Harold Camping became notorious for a series of failed predictions about the End Times. As the president of Family Radio from 1958, he oversaw a station group that, at its zenith, reached more than 150 markets in the United States. Camping’s prophesies, particularly his forecast that the Second Coming of Christ would occur on May 21, 2011, attracted global attention and significant donations. However, when the anticipated events failed to transpire, he faced widespread ridicule and criticism, particularly after his revised prediction for the final destruction of the universe on October 21, 2011, also proved incorrect. Despite retiring from active broadcasting following a stroke in 2011, Camping maintained a role at Family Radio until his death. In the wake of his unsuccessful predictions, he admitted his attempts to set dates were “sinful” and retreated from his insistence on knowing the timing of the Rapture or the end of the world.

Tensions Rise: Harold Camping’s Suspicions and Eros Bacoccina’s Interpretations

An intriguing dynamic evolved between Harold Camping and Eros Bacoccina at Family Radio. Known for his idiosyncratic interpretations of biblical prophecy, Camping’s doctrines were anything but orthodox. Eros Bacoccina, tasked with translating Camping’s English sermons into Italian, faced a considerable challenge. The contrasting ideologies between the two led to an inevitable clash, a conflict that significantly impacted Bacoccina’s tenure at Family Radio.

In his private talks at his home in San Jose, Eros was highly critical of Camping’s doctrine and preaching over Family Radio. Still, he believed Family Radio was so powerful to reach and evangelise Italians through Shortwave radio. Being critical of Camping implied that he had to interpret Harold Camping’s doctrine when translating his messages from English to Italian.

Bacoccina, valuing his duty to listeners, took liberties in interpreting Camping’s messages. Striving to ensure his translations aligned more closely with traditional Christian theology, he injected his understanding and personal faith into the translations. He perceived it as necessary to provide a more familiar message of hope and faith to his Italian-speaking audience rather than the unconventional apocalyptic prophecies of Camping.

However, Camping grew suspicious of Bacoccina’s approach. Concerned that his original doctrines were being lost in translation, he took the initiative to have Bacoccina’s Italian radio programs translated back into English. Upon reviewing these translations, Camping’s suspicions were confirmed. Bacoccina was not simply translating; he was reinterpreting.

Camping severely reprimanded Bacoccina for his approach. The event highlighted the tension between Camping’s rigid adherence to his unique doctrine and Bacoccina’s traditional Christian worldview. This clash of ideologies ultimately led to Bacoccina’s decision to resign from Family Radio, marking a pivotal moment in his religious journey.

Soon after Eros Bacoccina resigned from Family Radio, the Italian service of Family Radio (WYFR) was discontinued. Eros Bacoccina, as the Pastor of the Italian church at 39 Amazon Avenue in San Francisco, was able to retain support from a group of Italian emigrants in the San Francisco and the Bay area and was able to the production of his own daily 30-minute radio program in Italian called “La Buona Novella” (the Good News). The “La Buona Novella” program and the original program from Family Radio were broadcast on NEXUS-IBA stations daily on FM and Shortwave for several years since 1979.

Family Ties: The Indispensable Roles of Carla Bacoccina and Tina Scopazzi

No account of Pastor Eros Bacoccina’s remarkable journey would be complete without recognizing the essential roles played by his wife, Carla Bacoccina, and Eros’ sister, Tina Scopazzi. Through every major milestone and every minor challenge that Bacoccina faced, these two remarkable women remained his pillars of support, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to his Christian mission.

A devoted wife and mother, Carla offered emotional sustenance and active engagement in Bacoccina’s work. She shared his vision of spreading the Gospel, and their home became a hub of his mission-related activities. Carla’s knack for organization and her unwavering patience and understanding contributed significantly to Bacoccina’s ability to manage the rigours of his pastoral duties, radio broadcasts, and evangelistic efforts.

Tina Bacoccina Scopazzi was another instrumental figure in his life and mission. With her firm belief in his cause and her strong spirit, she provided much-needed familial support. Tina’s involvement was crucial in the early stages of Bacoccina’s ministry, where she provided guidance and often acted as a sounding board for his thoughts and ideas. Their bond, forged through shared experiences and deep-rooted love, was a testament to the power of family support in fostering Bacoccina’s evangelical ambitions.

The Dawn of La Buona Novella

After Eros Bacoccina departed from Family Radio, he continued on his project, initially founded by Amelio Giannetta in San Francisco, CA, producing his daily 30-minute radio program in Italian called “La Buona Novella“.

On the 4th of July 2013, on its 60th anniversary since its foundation, La Buona Novella Broadcasts (a California non-profit organisation) ceased all operations, mainly for lack of support from listeners and the ageing and dying group of supporters in the USA. Eros Bacoccina was also becoming old and finally retired. For several months, his radio programs and repeats were relayed again via NEXUS-IBA transmitters on AM/Medium Wave and Shortwave.

A Legacy of Faith and Service

Despite the cessation of operations by La Buona Novella Broadcasts in 2013, Bacoccina’s radio programs were still relayed for a few months on some stations, including FM stations in Italy and the USA. His legacy lived on through the International Evangelical Fellowship, a group of Italian emigrants who shared Bacoccina’s commitment to spreading the Gospel Message of Christ. From its inception in 1954, the ministry’s mission was to preach Jesus Christ’s message to Italians worldwide.

A Legacy of Love: Eros Bacoccina’s Family

Pastor Eros Bacoccina’s great legacy also lies in the family he and his wife, Carla, nurtured with immense love and faith. Their five daughters – Joyce, Angela, Jeanine, Esther, and Anette – are a testament to their parents’ dedication to instilling the values of compassion, integrity, and love for God. The Bacoccina family’s strong Christian foundation continues to be a beacon for many, demonstrating the transformative power of faith and the love of God.

Eros Bacoccina (2006) with his book

These values have been lovingly passed down to Bacoccina’s 14 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Each carries a piece of Pastor Eros Bacoccina’s spirit and his enduring dedication to serving God. They continue to honour their beloved grandfather and great-grandfather by living out the principles he held dear and upholding the Christian faith he diligently propagated.

From his native Italy to his adopted homeland of the United States, Pastor Bacoccina’s legacy extends far beyond his biological family. As the spiritual father to countless listeners of his radio broadcasts and the congregants of his church, his influence continues to reverberate in the hearts of the many lives he touched. His life is a testament to the transformative power of faith, demonstrating how one man’s journey towards God can light the path for countless others.

A Final Farewell

Eros Bacoccina, and estimated international broadcaster, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, passed away on November 21, 2022. He is remembered for his service as an ordained minister and for his commitment to sharing the Gospel through the radio program La Buona Novella, broadcast worldwide. Eros Bacoccina’s tireless dedication to the Christian mission of reaching Italians worldwide with the Gospel will continue to inspire those who continue his work.

Eros Bacoccina’s life tells the story of a spiritual journey fueled by a relentless quest for a personal relationship with God. His story reflects the power of faith to transform lives and communities. Bacoccina’s journey from an altar boy in Italy to a pioneer of Italian Christian radio broadcasting in the US is a testament to his deep faith and commitment to serving others. His legacy of worldwide preaching and Christian mission continues to inspire and guide future generations.

Gospel4Grampian Radio celebrates 17 years online

Gospel4Grampian Radio celebrates 17 years online

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17 Years of Spreading The Good News: The Journey of Gospel4Grampian Radio

For the past 17 years, Gospel4Grampian Radio has served as a beacon of hope, consistently transmitting The Good News of Salvation provided by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to audiences across the globe. Broadcasting from the heart of Aberdeen, Scotland, the station remains committed to making the Gospel accessible to every language group worldwide.

Gospel4Grampian Radio’s Vision: Sharing the Good News with All

Gospel4Grampian Radio’s vision is far-reaching, extending beyond just broadcasting. The radio station envisions a future where people around the globe will not just listen to the Gospel but also see and experience the Good News for themselves. Gospel4Grampian Radio is steadfastly committed to making the Gospel a tangible reality, bringing the love of Christ to every corner of the world.

Partnership with NEXUS-IBA: Expanding the Broadcast Scope

In April 2021, Gospel4Grampian Radio expanded its broadcasting capabilities by adding Shortwave and Medium Wave broadcasts through NEXUS-IBA and European Gospel Radio. This significant step forward enabled the station to reach a broader audience, particularly those not online. Terrestrial radio, often overlooked, has proven to be a critical tool for reaching a large audience and providing them with a vital touchpoint for spiritual growth.

Weekly Broadcasts on European Gospel Radio

Gospel4Grampian Radio’s 60-minute program airs weekly each Monday on European Gospel Radio. Listeners in Europe can tune in on 7290 kHz Shortwave, 1323 kHz Medium Wave, or via streaming worldwide at 20 and 22 CET. This strategic scheduling allows a broader range of listeners to connect with Gospel4Grampian Radio, helping the station fulfil its vision of spreading the Gospel to all language groups worldwide.

“Your Gospel”: Spreading the Gospel in Multiple Languages

Gospel4Grampian Radio believes that the Gospel is for everyone. This conviction led to the development and expansion of “Your Gospel”, a part of their programming that shares the essence of the Gospel in various languages. With the help of Nexus IBA, Gospel4Grampian Radio has extended its broadcast range and recently added The Gospel in 20 more languages, making significant strides towards realizing its vision.

The Gospel4You Program: Personal Connections to the Word of God

Gospel4You is a unique program on Gospel4Grampian Radio. It includes testimonies of God’s workings in people’s lives, a Gospel message, and prayer. Gospel4You brings the Gospel to life, creating a platform for listeners to connect with the Word of God personally.

Empowering Through “Woac on Air”

As part of its commitment to community empowerment, Gospel4Grampian Radio airs a special segment called “Woac on Air” once a month. This program, led by a group of South African women, reaches out to women and youth worldwide, particularly in Africa, the US, Australia, and through Nexus, Europe. “Woac on Air” offers an inspiring blend of biblical and Christian business principles.

The Power and Reach of Terrestrial Radio

Gospel4Grampian Radio’s Medium Wave broadcasts illustrate the power and reach of terrestrial radio. Under the right atmospheric conditions, fragments of these broadcasts can be picked up on car radios, demonstrating the wide-reaching impact of their work. Gospel4Grampian Radio continues to explore opportunities to extend its reach further and broadcast the Good News far and wide.

As Gospel4Grampian Radio celebrates its 17th year, the station’s commitment to spreading the Good News of Salvation remains unwavering. Serving its listeners by making the Gospel accessible to every language group is their privilege. The future promises more exciting milestones as they continue their divine mission.

NEXUS-IBA fully automated audio and radio streaming platform

NEXUS-IBA fully automated audio and radio streaming platform

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NEXUS-IBA's Fully Automated Streaming Control Panel Solution: The Best Available Solution for Low-Cost, Fully Automated Radio Broadcasting

NEXUS-IBA Streaming service provider

NGOs, Radio Program Producers, radio Hosts, Podcasters, Musicians, Radio stations, Politicians, Churches and Preachers are always looking for ways to reach a wider audience with their message. A streaming platform solution is one of the best ways to do this.

Many audio and video streaming solutions are available, but not all are equal. Some platforms are expensive, while others require a lot of manual intervention.

NEXUS-IBA’s fully automated streaming control panel solution is the best solution for low-cost, fully automated radio broadcasting.

Our automated radio and audio streaming platform is affordable, easy to use, and packed with features to help you reach a wider audience with your message. It allows you to generate a continuous audio stream or personalized radio online streaming radio station with your preferred material and a dedicated schedule for each day of the week.

Benefits of NEXUS-IBA’s streaming solution

Here are just a few of the benefits of using NEXUS-IBA’s fully automated streaming control panel solution:

  • Affordable: Our solution is very reasonable, especially compared to other radio broadcasting solutions. We offer a variety of pricing plans to fit your budget.
  • Easy to use: Our control panel is designed to be easy to use, even if you need to be more technical. You can easily upload audio files, create playlists, manage your listeners, and track your analytics.
  • Fully automated: Our solution is fully automated, which means you can create a radio station without human intervention. This frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your ministry.

Suppose you’re seeking an affordable, easy-to-use, fully automated radio broadcasting solution. In that case, you should consider NEXUS-IBA’s fully automated streaming control panel solution.

We offer the best solution for online radio stations, Churches, and Christian radio program producers to reach a wider audience with their message.

NEXUS-IBA’s streaming solutions for large national and international broadcasters

Our WorldDirector CDN technology, designed initially by NEXUS-IBA in 1991 and fully managed in partnership with Milano Ventures and Wornex International (Ireland), can be used to optimize streaming for a large radio station with listeners worldwide by:

  • Reducing latency: Latency is the time it takes for a file to be downloaded from a server to a user. WorldDirector CDN can reduce latency by serving files from servers closest to the user.
  • Increasing bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred between a server and a user. WorldDirector CDN can increase bandwidth by using a network of servers that are distributed around the world.
  • Improving security: WorldDirector CDN can enhance security by encrypting all traffic between the servers and the users. This helps to protect the user’s data from being intercepted by third parties.

Overall, WorldDirector can be a valuable tool for improving the performance and security of streaming services for large radio stations with listeners worldwide.

Our technology: WordlDirector CDN advantages for global streaming

Here are some additional benefits of using WorldDirector CDN for streaming radio:

  • Improved reliability: WorldDirector CDN can help to improve the reliability of streaming radio by providing a redundant network of servers. If one server goes down, another server can take over and continue to stream the radio station.
  • Reduced costs: WorldDirector CDN can help to reduce the costs of streaming radio by providing a more efficient way to deliver the content to users. This can be achieved using a network of servers closer to the users and a more efficient, reliable, and fast solution to deliver the content to a global audience.

If you are a large radio station with listeners worldwide, WorldDirector CDN can be a valuable tool for improving your streaming service’s performance, security, reliability, and costs.

You can learn more about NEXUS-IBA’s WorldDirector technology and our fully automated streaming control panel solution on our website.

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