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IRRS-Shortwave frequency schedules

A20 Summer 2020 Shortwave schedule

A21 / Summer 2021 schedule for IRRS-Shortwave

The following frequency schedule is effective 28 March 2021 until 31 October 2021 for all broadcasts originated by NEXUS-IBA on IRRS-Shortwave, European Gospel Radio (EGR) and International Public Access Radio (IPAR) on Shortwave to Europe and to the world.

Last updated on 26 Aug 2021
Most programs also in parallel with Internet Radio NEXUS (IRN) (24/7).
see also: European Gospel Radio

ITU Zones
Power / Modulation
Antenna Beam
72901800-19002000-2100Daily18-20,27-30,37-39150 kW / A3Europe, MidEast, N AfricaEnglish [1][2]
95100800-09001000-1100Sat18-20,27-30,37-40150 kW / A3Europe, MidEast, N AfricaEnglish [2]
95100930-12001130-1400Sun18-20,27-30,37-40150 kW / A3Europe, MidEast, N AfricaEnglish [1][2]
1517016:00-16:3018:00-18:30Tue38,47-48,52-53,57300 kW / A3IndiaKashmiri [2]

[1] Include programs from EGR (European Gospel Radio)
[2] Include programs from IPAR (International Public Access Radio)

See program schedule for language and program details.

A3 = AM Double Side Band (DSB), high power DCC (Dynamic Carrier Controlled) modulation
CET: Central European Time (winter) or local wintertime in Central Europe (UTC+1)
CEST: Central European Summer Time or local summertime in Central Europe (UTC+2)
UTC: Universal Time Coordinated equivalent to GMT

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