About interference to IRRS-Shortwave from Deutsche Telekom, Julich, Germany

About interference to IRRS-Shortwave from Deutsche Telekom, Julich, Germany carrying Brother Stair on 3,960 kHz between 2000-2200 UTC

(conflict solved on June 29, 1998, the following are excerpts from the original press releases describing the conflict)

Milan, Italy, June 27, 1998: Brother Stair’s (also known as the “Prophet” or the “Overcomer”)  is now broadcasting via Deutsche Telekom’s   transmitters in Julich, Germany, on 3,960 kHz and is causing strong interference to IRRS-Shortwave transmissions on 3,955 kHz to Europe between 2000-2200 UTC (Fri, Sat & Sun) since June 26, 1998.

We have reached Brother Ralph Stairs by e-mail, and promptly informed him about the conflict, asking him to find a better frequency which does not interfere with other stations. Brother Stairs assured us on July 27, 1998, that he will talk to Deutsche Telekom on Monday morning, June 29, 1998 and [the problem] “will be resolved”. IRRS-Shortwave’s listeners will continue to experience strong interference on all IRRS-Shortwave’s broadcasts on  3,955 kHz until Deutsche Telekom agrees to move from 3,960 kHz during the times of the conflict. It is standard practice in international broadcasting that two station should not use frequencies +/- 5 kHz from each other, if both stations broadcast to the same target area.

We apologize with our listeners, for the inconvenience, and we assure you that we are taking all possible steps to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Deutsche Telecom recently started airing Brother Stair’s live transmissions via satellite from the USA initially using  3,945 kHz, which conflicted with legitimate users of that portion of the frequency spectrum both in Region 1 and Region 2. A week ago, after transmissions on  3,945 kHz were discontinued, it has been noted on several frequencies in the already crowded 75 m.b. (3,950-4,000 kHz in Europe) from Julich, Germany, on 3,955, 3,960 and 3,985 kHz. Deutsche Telekom also operates Deutsche Welle transmitters on 3,995 kHz.

IRRS-Shortwave coordinated the use of 3,985 and 3,955 kHz with the HFCC and registered the use of its current frequencies  with the Italian authorities for the current season. IRRS-Shortwave has been a long time user of 3,955 kHz during the summer period, as well as a regular user of 3,985 kHz which is also coordinated between SwissCom and NEXUS-IBA. Deutsche Telekom had no previous usage of either 3,955 nor 3,960 in previous seasons, nor did they register the use of such frequencies either at the IFRB/ITU, or at the HFCC.

IRRS-Shortwave broadcasts daily programs originating from members of NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association, including United Nations Radio, UNESCO, and a variety of other cultural and religious programs. See our schedule at https://www.nexus.org/NEXUS-IBA for more information.

Milan, Italy, June 29, 1998: We receved a fax from Deutsche Telekom in Julich with apologies for the interference caused to IRRS-Shortwave last Fri, Sat and Sun, with the explanation that there has been a programming error at Julich, as their transmitter on 3,960 kHz was not shut down during our scheduled broadcast on 3,955 kHz. We thank  Mr Stairs who helped solving the problem with DT, and Deutsche Telekom / Julich for their prompt reaction. We monitored Brother Stair’s broadcasts which are continuing on 3,960 kHz from Juelich, but this should only be a Mon-Thu transmission, that should not interfere again with our Fri-Sat & Sun operation on 3,955 kHz from 2200-2200 UTC.

With its seat in Milano, Italy, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association is a strictly non-profit association founded under Italian Law that operates IRRS-Shortwave to Europe and IRRS-Globe Radio Milan on FM. NEXUS-IBA, which is designated as an independent “Community Broadcaster”, according to the Italian Broadcasting Law of 1990, makes available broadcast time at cost to members of the Association, with no commercial advertising on the air and, currently, with no corporate underwriting. For a direct impression of the NEXUS-IBA / IRRS-Shortwave operation, you may tune in Europe to the Shortwave frequencies 7,120, 3,985 and 3,955 kHz (41 and 75 meter bands) daily, and in Milano (Italy) on 88.85 MHz FM with programming in the English language.

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