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New fast! European mirror site

New fast!  mirror site in the USA

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we have mirrors to reach you better and faster!

Here at nexus.org, we're committed to providing you with fast, reliable access to our Web site, wherever you live. In fact, we've increased the number and locations of our Web servers to ensure that our international customers have faster access to our Web site, and  to our NEXUS Internet Radio services using RealAudio. Specifically, we've created two mirror sites for the nexus.org servers - two in Europe, and one in the USA. The same mirrors are also available to clients and members of NEXUS-IBA who take advantage of our advanced internet solutions.

Now when we or our clients publish on our servers, the content is immediately replicated on all our server farms including those in Milan, Italy, Frankfurt, Germany, and in the USA.

As a result, many of our customers living in or near Europe and the Far East will find they can access our Web site much more quickly by using the mirror site closest to them.

Customers living in Europe and parts of the Middle East and Africa will be automatically connected to the Southern European mirror of our Web servers at http://ww2.nexus.org. Customers in the Far East and parts of the South Pacific will connect to our main US site at http://ww1.nexus.org. Central and Eastern European users will connect to our central European server in Frankfurt, Germany, at http://ww3.nexus.org. All of these mirror sites share the same up-to-date content and applications, with virtually no delay in publishing times, and can be accessed automatically and reliably via NEXUS-IBA's WorldDirector system simply with http://www.nexus.org. NEXUS-IBA's WorldDirector will connect you automatically to the nearest and faster server depending on all variable network conditions.

With the opening of these new regional sites of nexus.org, we're hoping to significantly improve our Web site performance for many of our customers inside and outside North America.

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Keep in mind, however, that there are many variables that can affect the speed at which you access Web sites. Your Internet service provider's (ISP) connection to the Internet and network capacity in your country, as well as demand on the network, can influence the performance you experience.

To get the most benefit from one of these regional mirror sites, you need to use an ISP that connects to the Internet through one of the backbones. If you have questions about your service, ask your ISP. Or just visit us at http://www.nexus.org, and judge the performance for yourself.

NEXUS-IBA's Internet services have experienced significant growth in the past two years, and we expect it to continue. These regional mirror sites are part of our upgrading plan to stay ahead of that growth, and to offer better service to our customers worldwide. The investment in these mirror sites is substantial, but it is well spent if it improves our service and reliability for our members and clients worldwide.

Please visit us at http://www.nexus.org and tell us what you think. 


Find out more about NEXUS-IBA and our services on FM, Shortwave and over the Internet at info@nexus.org
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