OLD News

This page is written in English although some documents are available in Russian. These documents are presented in KOI-8 charset and marked with token . Click here if you don't see Russian letters. Send me e-mail if you unable to tune your browser to view KOI-8 texts, if I get more than 10 requests then I'll add support for windows-1251 Russian charset.

What's new

April'98- Announcement of Moscow DX-club meeting on April,25; Many changes to World radio in Russian page; Pavel Mikhailov's "Klub DX" programme texts .
January'98- English version of Russian stations on the Internet list; again corrected Moscow MW/FM chart; link to page of Nongovernmental Radio Broadcasters Association of Russia.
November'97- MIDXB#63 and FRR#12 reviews; InfoDigest No.18; W97 Voice of Russia schedules; ASK-DX bulletins' reviews.
October'97- New DX-publication becomes available in electronic form: Rossijsky Efirolov by Serguei Sossedkine.
September'97-added St.Petersburg MW/FM chart.
August'97- added UNESCO programmes to real audio page; corrected Moscow MW/FM chart; link to info about Ufa stations; news about Radio-1 closing:
Bad news- the oldest Russian station "Radio-1" is to be closed in a month. Radiostation Yunost will be associated with Radio Mayak. Please read the respective President's decree. The stations along with FM frequencies in most Russian towns use some LW,MW and SW frequencies.
July'97 - page completely reorganized. Added some links to Moscow FM and TV stations. Corrected Russian stations on the Internet page to reflect recent changes.
United Nations Radio in Russian real audio test broadcasts.

Some future plans:

I want to put here postal addresses of local Russian radiostations, more news on Russian stations, translate Russian pages into English, add station's e-mail addresses and URLs for other former Soviet republics. I have schedules for some SW Russian stations.
Konstantin Gusev