Review of Moscow Information DX Bulletin No. 61 (August ' 97)
(Times - UTC, Frequencies - kHz)

On this issue cover page there is a photo of Molly Gordin who was Radio Liberty staff journalist for about 30 years and was well-known as Inna Svetlowa (her pseudonym). She was killed on the 24th of July in Prague. In memory of Inna Svetlowa we devoted the 3d page of our bulletin.
But we open this issue with article about 35th anniversary of Russian service of Deutsche Welle. This article was written for our bulletin by the editor of new DX-program of Russian service of DW – Valentina Zholkver.
We have got two more articles in this issue. The first one is about 31st Conference of EDXC which was described by its participant Nikolay Pashkevich. Next article introducing Citizen Band or CB including the history of CB development in our country.
Next our regular headings.
"Band news: MW-LW" includes:

  • Iraq's MW frequencies;
  • details on Ukrainian state broadcast on MW;
  • Lithuanian Radio plans to cease its 2nd program on MW.

  • "Band news: SW" includes:
  • details of SW rebroadcasts of MW stations in Argentina;
  • Radio Iraq International again on SW in English;
  • monitoring results of new schedule of Radio Pyongyang corrected with observations in Moscow;
  • interesting reports about one Peruvian station;
  • situation with SW transmitters in Portugal;
  • HCJB has problems with morning broadcasts to Europe.

  • "Russia's Air" this time covers the following items:
  • new "Radio 1557" in Vladivostok;
  • excepts from Yeltsin’s Decree on liquidation of "Radio-1" and organizing united company "Radiostantsiya Mayak" ("Radiostation Mayak");
  • Radio "Meditsina dlya Vas" ("Medicine for You") does not broadcast for several month already;
  • "Radio Ryezonans" again on 1017;
  • full details about broadcasts in Tomsk on UHF;
  • details on unknown relay of Radio Novosibirsk on 4501.

  • In "Out of Band News" this time:
  • you can send e-mail for Radio Bulgaria;
  • new Radio Vatican address in Moscow;
  • DW English language programs in Internet;
  • Radio Slovakia plans to organize Radio Slovakia Listener's Club.

  • "Schedules" this time presents RAE (Argentina); Voice of Armenia; West Coast Radio Ireland; KHBI and WSHB; and also KJES (the last three station in USA).
    In "Utility Broadcasting" this time: aviation nets of CIS; Shannon Volmet (Ireland); Numbers station which verifies reception reports.

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