MIDXB Information Bulletin


  These are a short  reviews of  MIDXB, the  only regular  and permanent DX
 publication in Russia,  with preface of  Vadim Alexeew, MIDXB's  editor.
 I'm  going  to  make  such  reviews  for  readers of  rec.radio.shortwave
 group every time then next number of bulletin comes (monthly in  usual).
 Since the MIDXB   have no e-mail  connection, please send  all questions
 and  suggestions  about  this  to  my  address:  gusev@vxitep.itep.ru.
 I will be glad to answer or pass your messages to Vadim.
Konstantin Gusev


What is the MIDXB?

MIDXB is a regular Russian language publication covering different aspects of DX-ing. There is also an additional issue devoted to the Russian language broadcasts from abroad publishing twice a year.

Some words about the MIDXB

Hello friends, Starting this month we intend to present everyone interested a regular review of Moscow Information DX Bulletin (MIDXB). Several words about this publication in general.

MIDXB has the next headings:

MIDXB is 16-page RUSSIAN language non-commercial publication which is published over 3 years.

MIDXB is open to anyone in the world. Contact via e-mail: Konstantin Gusev gusev@itep.ru
or send your letters to Vadim Alexeew, P.O.Box 65, Moscow A-581, 125581 Russia

Best DXing and 73!

Vadim Alexeew, editor.

4 November 1994

MIDXB sample copy

MIDXB#53 (December, 1996) in PDF format (about 1.2 MB file). To view and print it you should have Acrobat reader.

MIDXB in such electronic form could be available on the subscription base for the individuals and on exchange base for DX-clubs and organizations. Please send your comments, questions and suggestions about this service to MIDXB editor's office.

MIDXB prices

MIDXB reviews

MIDXB electronic version (in Russian with English review)