Review of "Broadcasts from abroad in the Russian language" Handbook.
The 12th edition.

This new edition of the handbook includes as usual full details about broadcasts in winter season of ALL radio stations outside Russia which have programs in Russian and can be picked up in Russia. We also included winter schedule of "The Voice of Russia".

The whole information divided into sections according to the name of the country of the station. In each section information is settled down in the following order:
- country name;
- station name;
- station addresses, phone and fax numbers of Russian services, Internet addresses;
- frequency schedule including UTC & MSK time, power and location of transmitters, direction of the broadcast;
- satellite relays and local relays if exists;
- program guide with description of the programs;
- additional information including QSL-policy, station publications, short history of the station etc.

Here the list of stations included in the 12th edition of the Handbook:
Voice of Azerbaidjan and Radio Azerbaidjan, KNLS (Alaska), KICY (Alaska), Voice of Armenia, Radio Bulgaria, Radio Vatican, BBC, Radio Budapest, Voice of Vietnam, Deutsche Welle, Voice of Greece, Radio Georgia, Radio of Republic of Abkhasia (Georgia), KSDA (Guam) (including relays of Adventist World Radio via Julich), Radio Cairo, Kol Israel, All Indian Radio, Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, Radio Exterior de Espana, RAI International (Italy), IRRS (Italy), Kazakh Radio and Radio Almaty, RCI (Canada), Kirgiz Radio, China Radio International, Voice of Free China (Republic of Taiwan), Central Korean Radio (No. Korea), Radio Korea International (So. Korea), HLAZ (So. Korea), Latvian Radio, Voice of Hope (Lebanon), Voice of the Great Arab Homeland (Libya), Radio Vilnius, Radio Moldova International, Radio Pridnestrovie (Moldavia), TWR (Monaco), Voice of Mongolia, Radio Pakistan, Polish Radio, Radio Romania International, KFBS (No. Mariana Isl.), KHBI (No. Mariana Isl.), Radiostation of Syrian Arab Republic, Radio Slovakia International, Voice of America, United Nations Radio (USA), World Harvest Radio - WHRI (USA), WSHB (USA), WWCR (USA), WYFR (USA), Tadjik Radio, Turkmenian Radio, Voice of Turkey, Radio Veritas Asia (Philippines), Yuleysradio (Finland), Radio France International, Voice of Orthodox, Radio Liberty, Radio Sweden, Voice of the Andes, Estonian Radio, Radio Yugoslavia, NHK World (Japan), Voice of Russia.

This issue also has the following sections:
- list of language teaching programs;
- list of listeners letters review programs;
- list of DX-programs;
- time schema of broadcasting.

For more details about this Handbook please write to the following address:
Russia, 125581 Moscow A-581, P.O.Box 65, Vadim Alexeew. Via Internet:

You may order a copy for 12 IRCs (or 14 IRCs airmail) using the same address.