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Computer, Internet and Education

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With the help of about 300 members of the Net Generation, or N-Gen, Don Tapscott explores what the Internet and other digital interactive technology is doing to and for our children. Despite fears that new technology is making kids more antisocial and less intellectual, Tapscott shows that kids are using it to play, build relationships, and explore their world. And while the digital world has dangers, it also has greater opportunities :

A must if you have children and ... a computer. It gives best advice to children and parents on where to go and where not on Internet. Other subjects in this book: Netiquette, Acceptable User Policies, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Internet Filters (Surfwatch):

  • Child safety on the Internet
    by Gregory Giagnocavo (Editor), Vince Distefano, Staff of Classroom connec / Bk&Cd Rom Edition / Paperback, 296 pages / Published by Prentice Hall Computer Books / Published 1997

What happens when a computer moves into the classroom? This volume will be an indispensable guidebook for teachers, teacher educators, and school administrators committed to educational excellence in today's electronic classrooms :

Read how computers are changing education. Case studies in education and technology, in each project described there's plenty to convince teachers and administrators to take the computers out of the computer labs and put them in the classrooms :

Children may communicate across geographical and cultural barriers using the Internet. Brave New Schools is the first book in the cultural literacy debate that considers the impact of the information superhighway and its presence in the classroom:

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