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NEW 1999 edition

NEW 1999 edition

NEW 1999 edition


Free Radio,
free Speech


and Education

Passport to World Band Radio 1999

passport to webradio

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From an american perspecitve this is the beginner's directory to world band radio (shortwave). To novices it will clearly explain how to get in the world of international radio broadcasting with clear articles and graphics. Since it is published early at the end of the previous year, however, it may not contain up-to date frequency information, especially for stations outside N. America. Contains tables to locate stations by hour, by frequency and by station id. We do recommend it especially to beginners and listeners in the USA.

The world's best directory of Shortwave, AM, FM and TV stations around the world, with all addresses and frequencies, published once a year. It also contains information on solar cycle, propagation, listeners clubs (DX clubs) and a very useful surveys of shortwave receivers updated annually:

From the editor of the Passport to World Band Radio, a special perspective on radio stations on Internet, and much more. This updated edition is the best book currently available on Web Radio. The introduction provides an excellent outline of how Web Radio technology works and includes the steps required to prepare your computer to listen to Web Radio.

The latest in Old Time Radio romance, at a great discount :

Lewis' enthralling bestseller tells the story of the visionaries who turned a hobbyists' toy into Radio, a whole broadcasting industry, and launched a modern communications age. Easy to read on the beach for the radio enthusiast, recommended reading by NEXUS-IBA staff!

The best if you want to get an inside view of all the technologies related to radio transmission, from one of the most autoritative sources, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) :

A popular introduction to Shortwave radio, recommended for all beginners :

More serious stuff:

Today hundreds of millions of people throughout the world depend on international radio broadcasting for their understanding of national and international political affairs. This volume represents the first application of theory and research in sociology and communication to analyze the contents of this medium of international political communication:

  • Broadcasting Propaganda : International Radio Broadcasting and the Construction of Political Reality (Praeger Series in Political Communication)
    by Philo C. Wasburn / Hardcover / Published 1992

Free Radio, Free Speech!

Please note: these are hard to find books, and usually ship in 2-6 weeks, but it may be very well worth waiting!

We just got this info from Anita Louise McCormick, co-author of the book: "The FCC FINALLY decided to issue Allan a construction permit to build a 50,000 watt shortwave station on his farm in Monticello, Maine--after a 10 year wait!  Allan's lawyer found out that the FCC had copies of his book almost as soon as it was released, and that may have played a role in their decision. I'll bet the FCC big shots were worried that some national media people might get ahold of that book and start asking questions that they'd rather not have to answer--like why they tore up the station he'd built on the ship that was clearly in INTERNATIONAL waters!  Anyway, Allan hopes to have WBCQ on the air by late summer.  He plans to offer time to "free radio" people at a reduced rate, and the standard rate will be about $50-$60 an hour--which is less than the other American shortwave stations charge".

The free speech issues that he raises should be of interest to every thinking person. Those following in his path will find a lot of useful information about do's and don't's, and anyone trying to follow a dream should be inspired by Weiner's tenacity, quirkiness and imagination:

Also from the co-author of "Access to the Airwaves: My fight for Free Radio" : published in 1994, but still has a lot of good info for anyone that's new to the hobby and needs to know the basics of what shortwave radio is, how signals get from one part of the world to another, etc. A few copies can still be found around if you place your order now :

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