What else do we need this month?

We know that sending money is not the only way you can help us to stay alive. But it helps, anyway. This month we need to collect funds to acquire the following items, that we need to continue our activities or start something else, new and exciting ... Please contact support@nexus.org if you know of a good deal or you want to become one of our sponsors. Thanks!

A Computer Graphic and design expert who can help us in re-designing our Web sites, campaigns and landing pages.

We need help of volunteers, English speaking fund raisers and sponsor to continue our Internet Radio NEXUS service.

We also need someone who is proficient in CMS (Joomla, Wordpress), PHP, MySQL. We do some work for our members and some clients on the Internet, and all revenues generated from such services go directly into funding our International radio, TV and and Internet operations.

And ...

  Internet costs amount to aprox. Euros 10,000/year to maintain our members' services and our Internet streaming services at http://mp3.nexus.org

  We are looking for a sponsor to extend our brodcasts on AM/Medium Wave, on Shortwave, and get our radio and video signal via satellite in Europe on a 24/24 7/7 basis. This signal would help other stations relay our mainstream audio service.

  We are looking for more music released under the  EFF's open audio license.

Can you help?

We also appreciate any other contribution, either financial, or any suggestion or comment. Please write to support@nexus.org or visit our support page on our secure Web site at https://secure.nexus.org Thank You.

Find out more about NEXUS-IBA and our services on Shortwave and over the Internet at info@nexus.org.
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