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The Subscription Lady

PO Box 11028
I-20110 Milano, Italy
Int'l Fax: +39-2-706 38151
Fax from the USA: 011-39-2-706-38151)
Fax from Italy: (02) 706 38151

Dear Subscription Lady,

I think your appeal for funds is the nicest thing I have read in ages and:

[ ] Here is It. Lire 50,000 (aprox. US $31) to your station so you can be around next year to bother my head;

[ ] I am one of those famous poverty cases so all I can afford is $10 (aprox. It. Lire 16,500)
I know you won't squander it.

[ ] I am a student, and all I can get from the old man is $5 (aprox. It. Lit 8,250).
Here it is.

[ ] My Great Aunt Martha just passed along to meet Her Maker.
I am happy to send you $ ______*



(Include your full Name and address and a day/evening phone number)

I therefore authorize you to debit my :
[ ] VISA
(expiration date: __________) in the amount of Italian Lire ______________*

Signed: _____________________

Thank you for your donation. Please note that if you are sending a donation with your credit card you must convert the amount in Italian Lire (US $1 = It. Lire 1,650 aprox), please double check with your credit card company or bank for the actual rate of exchange. FAX or mail the above form to NEXUS-IBA.
Please note that it is not usually safe to e-mail credit card information. If you have any doubt, please send us an e-mail to with your day/evening phone number and we shall contact you promptly by phone. Thank you again for your support!

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