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Date: Fri, 02 Jun 95 20:40:20 -0700
Subject: (no subject)

Hey folks

just wanted to drop a quick note telling you I enjoyed your web-page.
cool stuff, and a bit easier that getting you on shortwave here in New York ;)

do you QSL for web contacts?? ;)  ( just joking ;)

Tnx again!

Date: Sat, 03 Jun 95 11:34:06 -0700
Subject: Realaudio in The Netherlands
Thanks for being on realaudio, i had never heard of your radio-station
and just a few minutes ago, saturday 03/06/95 11.15 am Dutch Time, i
located you on the short wave 7.125. The quality at the moment is bad,
but i could follow the discussions.
What i very much like is the information about UN on realaudio.
Good luck and regards,

Date: Sun, 04 Jun 95 04:08:45 0600
Subject: (no subject)
Keep up the great work with the Real Time Audio.  I will be
stopping by often to check out your progress.  This has to be
the start of something very BIG.
Thanks for being on the forefront of this new technology.
Rees Roberts
Racine, Wisconsin  USA

Date: Wed, 07 Jun 95 22:26:52 -0700
Subject: internet radio

I want to congratulate you for a very nice page with interesting programs. It's very nice 
for Americans to be able to hear broadcasts in languages other than English. Reception
in San Francisco, California, is excellent tonight, 7 June, 1995. I hope you stay on-line
and increase your services and available European programs.
ruth                            ...a tout a l'heure....     

Date: Thu, 08 Jun 95 21:08:30 -700
Subject: Internet Audio

Receiving your programs loud and clear over the Internet in San Jose, 
California.  Hope you keep it up!


Date: Sat, 10 Jun 1995 16:07:46 -0700
Subject: RA Audio News Reports

Dear Sirs,

     I wish to express my compliments on the fine work your group has 
done with this Web site. As a student of Foreign Relations, I found the 
stored audio news reports very informative and useful in my attempt to 
manitain awareness of world current events. The almost constant 
availablity of this information through the Internet allows me to access 
the information needed to assist my academic activities. I hope that 
this Web site can continue to be maintained beyond its test period and I 
am looking forward to continued access to all posted information.

Thank you

Sean Fannin
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio - USA 

Date: Thu, 08 Jun 95 21:08:30 -700
Subject: Internet Audio

Receiving your programs loud and clear over the Internet in San Jose, 
California.  Hope you keep it up!


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 08:42:04 -0700
Subject: (no subject)

Your programs in the Internet are the only way to receive such great 
programs here in California. Please continue your work in the Net. I 
liked the segments of "Hello There". Good job!!
Eduardo Villaseca

Date: Mon, 12 Jun 95 17:50:13 -0700
Subject: I have listened


 My name is Per and I live in Stockholm Sweden. I've just been listening 
to some of your programs, here on the WWW. It works quite fine with the 
Real Audio. I'm a DXer and radio-fan, so please put more radio related 
programmes on the Web. Thanks.

73 de Per

Date: 13 Jun 1995 12:30:40 -0700
Subject: (no subject)

Congratulations on your audio site. I've just been listening here 
in Cork (Ireland) and reception is excellent. The quality is 
basically equivalent to reasonable MW, better than typical SW, 
with only the occastional break or jump in the datastream.I can't 
tell you much about the technical side of the connection here - 
my pc, which has its own IP address, is connected via a 
university VAX mainframe.

Piaras Mac Einri
Department of Geography
University College Cork

Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 00:47:10 +0200
Subject: internet radio

Great idea and it's even working! 
Please do go ahead! 
Greetings from Munich 
Rudolf Kuffner 
Bavarian Radio Broadcast, ARD

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 12:15:49 -0700
Subject: (no subject)

I just wanted to write and say that I really enjoy your service. The Spanish language material 
is especially appreciated. Thanks

Patrick Findlay

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 13:25:22 -700
Subject: thanks for providing the radio service

Just wanted to thanks you for providing the real audio
radio broadcasts.  I really like being able to have access
to non-American broadcasts/news.  It is much more
convenient to listen to real audio than to use a shortwave.


Date: 22 Jun 1995 17:33:14 -0700
Subject: (no subject)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Further to my message last week from Cork (Ireland). Reception 
continues to be excellent - the quality would not be acceptable 
for anything except voice at present, but it is entirely adequate 
for this purpose. Curiously, I note that the quality is 
conistently better than the only other current European site, a 
UK newspaper, which is virtually inaudible as the sound 
continually "breaks up" and is not really comprehensible. I have 
no idea why reception from Italy should be so much better, when 
the packet-switching networks involved presumably work to 
comparable standards.

I hope that you can continue to find a way to maintain your 
service, although I note that it is currently scheduled to stop 
in mid-July. It could provide a powerful means of countering much 
of the ill-informed and biased propaganda against the UN which 
has become so prevalent nowadays, especially in the United States 
of America. Having spent three years in a diplomatic posting in 
Lebanon and having seen at first hand the efforts of 
much-maligned UN forces on the ground, compared to the distorted 
media coverage which they often received, it is time for a more 
effective answering voice.


Piaras Mac Einri

Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 16:53:12 -0100
Subject: Keep IRN in the net!

Dear IRN,

Iım a listener from Hamburg, Germany, and I like your program best, 
looking around, what my be intersting and litening to your programm (I 
choose myself), when I canıt stand the ²old³ radiostation in my hometown 
anymore ­ which happens quite often.
I love "Radio on demand" as you do present it, and I hope, youıll 
survive the 15th of July

best regards


Date: Mon, 26 Jun 95 05:12:59 0000
Subject: (no subject)




Date: Mon, 26 Jun 95 01:31:33 -0700
Subject: Internet Radio Nexus's future

As a long time shortwave listener and fairly new Internet surfer I 
really can appreciate the melding of the 2 mediums. 
Not long after I began exploring the web I realized just how similar 
it was to shortwave listening and felt it to be an extention of my 
interests in world culture outside my own back yard.
I would encourage you to keep the site going as long as you are 
finacially able.
I love RealAudio the possiblities it provides makes sites like yours very
exciting ! I'll be visiting this site often ! 

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 1995 14:02:29 EDT
Subject: Listening in Boston!

Just a quick line to say that I don't have a shortwave receiver, That 
means that your audio files -- in any form -- .au, .wav. .ram, etc -- 
are of the greatest interest to me, I've already listened to several 
of your programmes and been very impressed with them all. Please keep 
up the good work, and if you can, PLEASE * do NOT * stop your 
Internet broadcasts in mid-July! :-)

Thanks again!

F Tikhon

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 95 20:29:00 -700
Subject: Feedback

Very good initiative.
When this idea develops and spread, it will bee a good effort
to bring us together on the globe.
We can keep in contact with our place of birth and language even
if we move to other areas on the globe. Interested people can
check in and ithers point if view.
God Luck.

Date: Sun, 02 Jul 95 07:05:33 -0700
Subject: comments re your web site

I thought I would put my oar in here and let the powers that be it would
be a shame to let your wonderful service die! I believe that the concept
of real time audio over the net is one of enormous possibilities. It is
going to be tough for any firm that is pioneering this form of media, but 
the pay-offs would be tremendous. Just think of the power of reaching
10's of MILLIONS of listeners.

Regards, VBH

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 95 23:13:04 -0700
Subject: Keep it alive


I like the idea of REAL news here in the US.  Its so hard to get a clean
feed from the world news organizations with commercial and political 
fingers in all the pies.

I'm not too keen on sending Money over the Internet, though.

Can you give me a *real* address?


Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 22:40:27 0000
Subject: (no subject)

Ho sentito, funziona tutto molto bene.
Mi piacerebbe avere piu' file in italiano da scoltare.
Sara' possibile in futuro avere un gateway in tempo reale delle 
trasmissioni che vanno sulla radio?
          Carlo Maupoil

Date: Wed, 05 Jul 95 19:51:48 -0100
Subject: Please do stay...


 it's terrible actually that you're going to close down,
but what can I do about it?  I don't have the cash to 
support you. I can only say that your experiment has indeed 
succeeded and that the work should definitely be continued. 
I love the extra news about ex-Yugoslavia because I'm involved 
in what's going on because of my profession as a radiographer. 

 So I really do hope that you are going to stay and keep doing 
what you have been doing until now. The implementation of 'RealAudio' 
is fabulous and of invaluable importance to the development and 
the future of the Internet and also to the way information will be 
provided and looked up.  

 By the way, you're the only European source of interesting RealAudio
material and sincerely don't want to listen to the American crap 
and 'bull shit' talk shows or whatever america-centric barbarity!

Greetings from Amsterdam,


Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 12:04:24 -0400
Subject: feedback

you are great! please, continue!
I'm working with the Austrian Shortwave Radio & I really think 
that it is a big work that you are doing.

Oswald Klotz

Date: Thu, 06 Jul 95 12:52:19 -0600
Subject: Stay on the "air", Please!

I found out about your site a little over a week ago.  Since then I've 
been back at least 5 other times.  You are one of the few sites that 
actually has something interesting to offer in RealAudio sound clips.  I 
don't have a shortwave receiver, so this connection is the only one I 
have to your station.  Plus, as the technology develops for live 
broadcast of audio over the internet, maybe you could be on the forefront 
of that, too.  I hope you can stay with us longer.   Thanks.

Date: Thu, 06 Jul 95 14:36:06 -0700
Subject: internet radio

Keep up the good job you are doing!!!

great information and a great idea.

I really like the site, and will tell my friends

Date: Fri, 07 Jul 95 11:34:12 -0700
Subject: feedback on internet radio

This service is wonderful! Although I am not in the 
position to support you financially, I think your service 
deserves support of this kind from your government 
or local university. It is a wonderful service.

                  Yours truly,
                        James Choi.
                        Sydney Australia.

Date: Mon, 03 Jul 95 02:01:40 -700
Subject: Unesco Radio

This is excellent solution for radio broadcasting. 
No high power transmitters, no QRM and better 
(in the future) audio quality! 
Also the right way for Unesco-information!

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 95 08:02:28 -0700
Subject: (no subject)

Just wonderful will be my comment. I really enjoyed listening to the 
reports from UN Radio about the situation in former Yugoslavia.
I really don't what to say to improve your site.
Just keep up the good jog. Will be visit your site regularly.
Please send me your latest schedule so I can try to listen to you on 
shortwave though  it might be very difficult.
Thanks and all the best

P. Heng from Penang, Malaysia

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 95 21:02:54 -700
Subject: Internet Radio NEXUS

Yours is an extremely interesting site to visit for good coverage 
of major international events, stories etc.   Well done and keep it up.

Steve Erasmus

South Africa

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 95 14:32:47 -0700
Subject: (no subject)

You site really reminds me of shortwave radio.  I enjoyed the relay of 
United Nations Radio.  Please lift the suspension of the "The World in 
Review."  Keep up the good work.

Ed van der Meer

Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 10:01:25 -0400

Hi I am Luis Osorio from Chicago.I think that having radio news from you 
is great. This is my first experience with you and I just want to let you 
now that I was here. After having more contact with you, I will be writting 
my comments. Keep the good work. 
Question: Why have you stopped to updated the news on July 7?

Date: Fri, 28 Jul 95 22:16:55 -0700
Subject: UNESCO Radio via IRRS Shortwave

It is really great to see that your organisation is using the net as a 
communication media. In future times I believe that you will play a 
crucial role in harnessing the power of universal education & knowledge 
thru this medium. Keep at it, Real audio is a great way to complete the 

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 95 21:33:51 0000
Subject: Great!

This is really great, now the technique works it is time to get it 
organised so you can bring up to date news, music or whatever at every 
moment a day, that would be really outrageous!

Chapeau as well to the people who made realaudio possible!

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 23:07:25 +0200
Subject: realaudio sound quality

I enjoyed listening to some of the sound clips featuring 'Realaudio'. 
Yours is the best and clearest sounding implementation of this science 
I've heard to date. Interesting and informative subject matter too!

Date: Tue, 01 Aug 95 22:03:39 -0700
Subject: Your RealAudio clips


  I am really enjoying your RealAudio clips. I was wondering if you had 
anymore Italian, or Spanish excerpts or are planning to add a few more. 
Congratulations on a great job, and keep up the good work.


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